Shaping The Emerging Biosimilars Landscape

The emergence of biosimilars in the U.S. will  undoubtedly have a marked impact on the pharmaceutical industry, but the market is young and malleable. Pharmaceutical manufacturers currently have a unique opportunity to shape perceptions and use of biosimilars among healthcare providers and their patients.

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  • Making The Switch To Single-Use: Have You Thought Of Everything?
    Making The Switch To Single-Use: Have You Thought Of Everything?

    In 2014, Prolong Pharmaceuticals followed through with a decision to build a facility for the scale-up of their lead product, SANGUINATE. As part of this decision, the new facility would not utilize Prolong’s traditional manufacturing process and would instead switch to one that uses single-use technology (SUT) almost exclusively. Chuck Hart, Prolong’s director of manufacturing, recently sat down with me to discuss some areas he feels are sometimes overlooked when switching from traditional stainless steel to SUT.

  • Is Sustainability Possible With Single-Use Technology?
    Is Sustainability Possible With Single-Use Technology?

    At this point, it is well known that single-use technology (SUT) can offer many benefits to a manufacturer and their facility. However, there are concerns that single-use technology produces too much harmful waste to achieve sustainability. But is this true?

  • Could Birth Of “Big Generic” Be Foreshadowing “Big Biosimilar?”
    Could Birth Of “Big Generic” Be Foreshadowing “Big Biosimilar?”

    The past few weeks, the generics market has seen several players jump ship and one company grow significantly — and to some, alarmingly — larger.

  • TPP Negotiations Stall, Hold Back Biosimilars Market
    TPP Negotiations Stall, Hold Back Biosimilars Market

    As if the biosimilar naming debate between brand-name pharmaceutical companies and generic drugmakers wasn’t enough, these two sides continue to challenge each other — this time, over biologics data exclusivity in the ongoing Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations.

  • Breaking News: Select Your CMO With Three (Well-Known) Attributes
    Breaking News: Select Your CMO With Three (Well-Known) Attributes

    Here’s your news bulletin: Another experienced source goes on record sharing three basics to selecting the best CMO: credibility, work ethic, and relationships. “I gained experience and understanding of outsourcing from running our own CRO,” says Chris K. Achar, CEO of Genzum Life Sciences.

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  • Cook Pharmica
    Cook Pharmica

    Cook Pharmica is an integrated contract development and manufacturing organization that simplifies the supply chain needs of its customers. By offering a unique solution of providing support from drug substance through drug product and packaging all under one roof with one management team and one quality system, Cook Pharmica helps pharmaceutical companies mitigate their risk and avoid complicated technical transfers. Cook Pharmica also operates as a strategic partner with customers, freeing them up to focus on their core competencies, which typically include research and development of new products. By taking advantage of Cook Pharmica’s one source, one location model, pharmaceutical these companies can better leverage their budgets, simplify their supply chain needs, and achieve greater speed to market.

  • Pfizer CentreSource
    Pfizer CentreSource

    Pfizer CentreSource (PCS) is a leading pharmaceutical contract manufacturer that offers a range of GMP compliant sourcing and outsourcing services to meet your pharmaceutical production requirements.

  • Advanced Test Concepts (ATC Inc.)
    Advanced Test Concepts (ATC Inc.)

    Advanced Test Concepts, Inc. (ATC, Inc.) has offered our customers high quality, innovative and affordable Test & Measurement products for more than 20 years.

  • Capsugel

    Capsugel offers capsules for the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries in multiple polymers — gelatin, HPMC, and pullulan.






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