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5.29.07 -- A Guide To Industrial Metal Detection

May 29,
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Eriez' E-Z Tec® Pharmaceutical Metal Detectors

This gravity-fed metal detector is designed for the detection and removal of minute pieces of ferrous, nonferrous, and stainless steel contaminants. Such particles sometimes enter the product stream from deteriorating processing equipment components. Its compact design accommodates many space-restricted areas within tablet and encapsulation rooms. Download the complete brochure for additional information.
In This Issue
Welcome to Pharmaceutical Online and our focus on metal detection. Our editorial section provides you with a guide from Eriez on how to choose and use industrial metal detectors. This guide will assist you in making an informed selection by learning the various types and options that are available. Our spotlight section includes several additional brochures and articles on metal detection. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for on this topic in this issue, check out Pharmaceutical Online's database of metal detection products.

This issue also includes several articles on various other topics in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, including a white paper on nutraceutical regulations and solutions. This article shows how pharmaceutical companies are keeping up with the American public's changing relationship with food and nutrition. Also, read about the assessment of DNA purity, effective color communication, and how to get cleaner air.
Featured Editorial
Guide On How To Choose And Use Industrial Metal Detectors
This guide presents general information on industrial metal detection to enable you to make a more informed selection and application of the types and options that are available. Keep in mind that the best metal detector installations are those that have been planned for from the beginning stages of production line design. Submitted by Eriez

Nutraceutical Regulations And Solutions
The American public's relationship with food and nutrition is ever changing. More and more people are becoming aware of how diet can affect health, and strive to reach their goals with vitamins, herbals, and supplements. Major pharmaceutical and food companies have observed this lucrative market and are expanding their production facilities to supply those products. Submitted by Matcon USA, Inc.

Effects Of Instrument Resolution On Assessment Of DNA Purity
In the past few years there has been an increasing trend within life sciences toward the use of spectrophotometers with instrument bandwidths of 5nm or greater for quantification of DNA and for estimation of DNA purity. This communication addresses the effects of instrument bandwidth on spectrophotometric determination of DNA concentration and purity. Submitted by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

Identification Of Measurement Parameters For Effective Color Communication
In a psycho-physical measurement that quantifies human color perception, complete color quantification is always at least three numbers with six measurement parameters. Changing any of the parameters will affect the color values, so the first step is to clearly define those parameters. Submitted by HunterLab

How To Get Cleaner Air: Your Bottom Line For Dust Collection
Government regulations, employee health and safety, and productivity are all vital considerations when deciding what type of dust collection technology will help you get cleaner in-plant air. While there are many choices, significant differences exist in the performance of technologies currently available for dust collection. Submitted by Donaldson Torit

Top News Stories
Kemutec Supplies Cone Mills To AstraZeneca
Mettler-Toledo Safeline Introduces A New Metal Detector For Pharmaceutical Tablets And Capsules
S-COR Hose Of Teflon® Ultra-Pure 'Feed' Line Applications For Bioreactors
From Paper To Efficiency: Streamlining BioMeasurement Division CAPA And NCRs
Parsec And Vidac Solutions Team To Offer Real-Time Performance Management Solutions To Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Beverage, And CPG Industries
K-Tron Pharmaceutical Dispensary Systems Offer Contained And Automated Method Of Ingredient Weighing And Dosing
Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches New Easy-To-Use LCQ Fleet Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer
Flexicon Introduces Bulk Bag-To-Bin Weigh Batching System
Aspectrics Unveils Innovative EP-NIR Analyzer For Reliable, Accurate Quality Assurance Measurements Of BioFuels
IEDCO Announces A New Addition To Batching Equipment Line: The Portable IEDCO-Batch System
Featured Downloads
Datasheet: Combined Unit CU20103CA2-0750
Kramer constructors are happy to arrange a combination according to any requirements. These units provide a compact combination of devices for conveying performance for medium/high standards. Submitted by Pharmaceutical Machine Supply, LLC
White Paper: Novel Analytical Approaches To Solving Pharmaceutical Problems
Trace detection and analysis is critical to many areas of pharmaceutical manufacturing and research, including materials identification and cleaning validation. Consequently, pharmaceutical manufacturers are constantly on the lookout for new technologies and instrumentation that can make trace detection faster and more cost efficient. Submitted by Smiths Detection
Brochure: Compactor & Granulator — WP 120 V Pharma
With the WP 120 V, Alexanderwerk offers a compactor and granulator specifically designed for use in the fields of research and development. Even small quantities of a little as one gram (1 g) can be processed to granular material in the WP 120 V Pharma. Submitted by Alexanderwerk, Inc.
Brochure: IKA® magic LAB®
IKA® magic LAB® is offering all techniques for mixing and disintegrating, has kits to handle batch or inline operation, and offers the possibility to work with the same method from formulation development to mass production. Submitted by IKA Works, Inc.

Editor's Choice Products

Production Fluid Bed Drying
O'Hara's customers wanted a robust fluid bed processor that would operate well beyond the generally accepted parameters established by competitors. The design incorporates drying by the particle suspension, then free-fall of material through the air, rather than by clogging filter media to get the drying job done.

Licaps® Capsules
Licaps® capsules are two-piece gelatin capsules that have been specially designed to be sealed for secure containment of liquids and semi-solids. The Licaps capsule, in combination with a liquid fill, provides an attractive and viable dosage form, particularly for poorly soluble compounds.

Continuous Motion Horizontal Cartoner
Dynamica epitomizes the latest evolution in horizontal cartoners at IMA. It combines proven technology with new features such as positive carton opening and innovative (simply but positive) carton transport. It has a multi-pusher side load speed up to 450 cpm.

Vial Filling — FLC Series
The FLC machine is a midrange liquid pharmaceutical filler offering Bosch performance and quality as well as wide flexibility at a reasonable price. The FLC fills vials and infusion bottles at up to 400 containers per minute in continuous motion, with fill volumes between 0.5 and 500 ml.

Oral Solids Contract Manufacturing
As a specialized manufacturer with oral solid dosage form expertise and proven success in the development of difficult compounds, Cardinal Health has the experience and resources to handle all of your manufacturing needs with our solid dose manufacturing.

Pharmaceutical Metal Detection Guide
The Pharmaceutical Metal Detection Guide and Validation Protocol is a free book that discusses the latest developments in metal detection and provides a step-by-step guide for understanding metal detection and its importance in the manufacture of pharmaceutical tablets, capsules, and powders.

Goring Kerr EZx Contaminant Detection System
The Goring Kerr EZx contaminant detection system provides complete protection from metal, glass, stone, plastic, and other dense foreign objects at a very affordable price. Especially attractive on lines utilizing new metallized film or foil packaging, the system is typically installed immediately after fill and seal.

X-Ray Diffraction Tubes
PANalytical offers a complete range of high power X-ray tubes for X-ray diffraction applications. X-ray tubes can be ordered as single items, but also in larger quantities. They can be customized on request.

Commission Drying Services
The freeze drying process is particularly suitable for products which are sensitive to heat, oxidation, or are shear sensitive. Oregon Freeze Dry works closely with its customers to develop freeze drying protocols to ensure optimum yields of the highest quality.

PPRO-Seal Natural Polypropylene
For the laboratory and institutional water market, PPRO-Seal Natural PP provides a reliable piping system in IPS dimensions utilizing either electrofusion or threaded connections.

DELTX Heat Exchanger
Paired with solar-powered photovoltaic panels and batteries the DELTX Heat Exchanger can be a highly efficient way to capture solar energy to heat water or other fluids.

Laboratory Glassware
SP Industries has been working hard to produce our high quality, heavy walled Wilmad-LabGlass flasks more efficiently than ever. Now, these best-selling and most-popular sizes of flasks are being offered at greatly reduced prices.

Spotlight On Metal Detection
Product Sheet: Tablex 2 Pharmaceutical Metal Detector
The Safeline Tablex 2 pharmaceutical metal detector detects and removes contaminated tablets and capsules from the production line. This newest Tablex metal detector has robust low profile castors for ease of mobility and the detection head can be adjusted easily in all three axes to suit any process equipment configuration. Submitted by Mettler-Toledo Safeline, Inc.
Datasheet: THS/PH-21 Pharmaceutical Metal Detector
CEIA SpA is a Market Leader that has been designing and manufacturing metal detectors for industrial applications for more than 35 years. The line of quality control detectors includes the THS/PH21 Pharmaceutical Metal Detection Systems, featuring state-of-the-art performance and full compliance with pharmaceutical sector regulations. Submitted by Key International, Inc.
Datasheet: Goring Kerr DSP Rx Metal Detector
The Goring Kerr DSP Rx Metal Detector is a superior quality assurance tool designed to GMP standards. It offers customers the highest standards of sensitivity — with the additional benefit of flexibility, and one of the most advanced quality control systems available. Submitted by Thermo Scientific
Case Study: Tablet, Capsule Inspection Provides The Right Prescription
Eatontown, NJ-based West-ward Pharmaceutical adds sensitive pharmaceutical metal detectors and checkweighers to its packaging lines to help prescribe better weighment accuracies and inspection of a variety of pharmaceutical items. Submitted by Lock Inspection Systems
Featured Course

Practical Course On Viscosity Measurements

This single-day course is designed to help you get the most out of your Brookfield Viscometer and Rheometer measurements by providing you with information, activities, and techniques that you can easily understand — and use! Download the event brochure for more information.
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Software Development for Medical Device Professionals
June 4-5, 2007
Malvern, PA

ISPE 2007 Washington Conference
June 4-7, 2007
Arlington, VA

Particle Characterization Seminar Featuring Pharmaceutical and Biological Applications
June 5 and June 7, 2007
King of Prussia, PA/Somerset, NJ

HPLC Basics School with Electrochemical Detector Theory and Operation
June 5-7, 2007
Chelmsford, MA

A Best Practices Approach To Integrated Quality Management And Regulatory Compliance In A Validated Environment
June 6, 2007
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SOTAX Seminar Series: Applications For USP Apparatus 4 Automated Dissolution And Content Uniformity
June 7, 2007
San Bruno, CA
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