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06.05.14 -- Actavis Invests $48M In Puerto Rico Manufacturing Plants; An Intro To Pharma Parallel Trade In Europe

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» From The Editor
An Introduction To Pharmaceutical Parallel Trade In Europe
By Suzanne Elvidge, Contributing Editor
Parallel trade, the free movement of goods across Europe from lower-value to higher-value markets, has had a major impact on the European pharmaceutical industry since the 1970s. Parallel trade is viewed rather differently by pharmaceutical companies and parallel traders, and this made for some contrasting perspectives at the SMi Group's 8th Parallel Trade conference, held in London in February 2014.
Featured Focus: Manufacturing
The Role Of Desiccators To Reduce Humidity In Critical Environments
By Mike Buckwalter, Terra Universal
Desiccator storage has become critical in more and more manufacturing operations. A look at the costly effects of moisture exposure explains why. As critical components become smaller and more sophisticated, their susceptibility to moisture damage increases. Once absorbed by sensitive components, water creates a number of potentially disastrous conditions. Even minute traces of oxidation, the most notorious result of moisture exposure, can degrade soldering and other manufacturing processes.
WHITE PAPER: A Guide To Effectively Sourcing And Purchasing Liquid Filling Systems
By Robert Rosen, Filamatic
There are a few questions to ask yourself when determining which liquid filling machine is right for your project. As each machine is unique in its filling techniques and performance abilities, certain questions that are asked will help to narrow down the choices and select a machine that will best suit your application.
WHITE PAPER: Salt-Tolerant Membrane Chromatography: Reduces Processing Time And Controls Costs
By Gregory Krueger, Field Marketing Manager, Sartorius Stedim Biotech
Removing residual contaminants from a protein solution at large scale is rarely a straightforward process. Handling large process volumes and working with buffer conditions incompatible with downstream processing steps is costly and time-consuming. Dilution and other steps to adjust conditions simply add time and cost to a process without improving the purity of the target molecule.
APPLICATION NOTE: Syloid FP Silicas In Pharmaceutical Film Coatings
DATASHEET: Air-Operated Industrial Vacuums
By Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums
» Critical Environments
WHITE PAPER: Room Decontamination With Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor
APPLICATION NOTE: Critical Cleaning Systems For Textiles
DATASHEET: Water Jacket Humidified CO2 Incubator
By NuAire, Inc.
» Supply Chain
WHITE PAPER: How To Map Environmentally Controlled Chambers: An 8-Step Guide
By Bruce McDuffee, Vaisala Life Science Division
"Please tell me how to map this chamber!" This is a plea we hear at every Vaisala Good Manufacturing Practice seminar. The question deals with environmentally controlled chambers, everything from small refrigerators or freezers to walk-in chambers or even large warehouses regulated under cGMP guidelines. Attendees who ask the question are usually more interested in how to map a chamber for maximum reliability or effectiveness, as opposed to meeting the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.
CASE STUDY: Transporting Cleanroom Components By Air Freight
PRODUCT: Temperature-Sensitive Packaging Qualification
APPLICATION NOTE: Be In The Clear: Turbidity Measurement Of Infusion Solutions
APPLICATION NOTE: Replacing Activated Carbon Depth Filter Cartridges In Pharmaceutical Applications
DATASHEET: Kleenpak II Sterile Connector
By Pall Life Sciences - BioPharmaceuticals
» Inspection
APPLICATION NOTE: Automatic Detection Of Improper Test Setup Of A Filter Integrity System
PRODUCT: Mass Extraction (Vacuum) Leak Testing Equipment
PRODUCT: Automated Visual Package Inspection
» Packaging
DATASHEET: Buffer Systems For Blisters And Wallet Packages
By Harro Höfliger Packaging Systems
PRODUCT: Pharmaceutical Coding System With Checkweigher
PRODUCT: Stick Packaging Equipment
» Most Recent News
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Actavis Invests $48M In Two Puerto Rico Manufacturing Plants
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