White Paper

Are Remote Monitoring Solutions The Same As Machine To Machine To Technology?

Source: Infitrak, Inc.

A flood of relatively new terms has begun to emerge as devices begin to communicate directly with each other without the interaction of humans. Machine to Machine (M2M) technology also referred to as the “Internet of Things” (IoT), are two of those terms. In reality though, even though the terms are new, the definitions may not be. Let’s look at the differences.

M2M refers to technologies that communicate with other devices of the same type, regardless of the method (i.e. wireless or wired). As far as Wikipedia definitions go, “M2M can include industrial instrumentation - comprising a device (such as a sensor or meter) to capture an event (such as temperature, inventory level, etc.) that is relayed through a network (wireless, wired or hybrid) to an application (software program) that translates the captured event into meaningful information…which then communicates with a remote network of machines relaying information back to the central hub for analysis, which would then be rerouted into a system like a personal computer.”