Datasheet | December 12, 2013

Cadence™ Single-Use TFF Modules Datasheet

Source: Pall Life Sciences - BioPharmaceuticals

Cadence single-use tangential flow filtration (TFF) modules are ready-to-use gamma irradiated cassette modules designed for single-use in Pall Allegro™ single-use TFF systems and can also be integrated into other single-use TFF set-ups. They provide ease-of-use, quick turnaround and increased flexibility, safety and containment in cGMP operations.

Cadence single-use TFF modules can be easily implemented in single-use TFF systems for concentration and diafiltration steps from R&D to commercial production of biotech products or vaccines.

Integrating the process-proven Pall Omega™ polyethersulfone (PES) membrane, Cadence single-use TFF modules are available in scalable formats from 93 cm² up to 2.5 m² of membrane area.

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