Q&A | April 4, 2012

Challenges And Growth Trends In Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging

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A Q&A With Yves Massicotte, President and CEO, Ropack

Achieving a 35th anniversary is a significant accomplishment for any company in today's competitive marketplace. Yves Massicotte's father, Roger founded contract packaging and manufacturing provider Ropack in 1976. The company's roots were in the food industry, but Roger ventured into pharmaceuticals in 1979. As a child, Yves visited the Ropack office after school and on weekends — fascinated as his dad ran the business with just two refurbished machines and a telephone. During those years, Yves watched as the company evolved from a two-person staff operating in a few thousand feet of rented space, to an international organization that employs 300 people and owns nearly 250,000 square feet of space. He recalls his father's determination to achieve success by not only meeting his customers' needs, but by anticipating them. Yves has kept that as a core component in the company's culture today.

With a personal and professional investment in Ropack, it's little wonder that Massicotte is driving growth in the contract packaging industry. In this Q&A, he discusses the biggest challenges contract packaging companies like Ropack face, how the industry is evolving, and the advantages of outsourcing packaging and other manufacturing services.

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