Webinar | May 1, 2014

Digital Signatures: Enabling Compliant Collaboration and Streamlined Corporate Governance

Source: ARX, Inc

Date: Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ed Miseta- Moderator
Chief Editor, Clinical Leader, 
Life Science Connect
Rodd Schlerf
FDA Market Manager,

Time: 1:00pm EDT



Digital signatures are mainstream in today’s life sciences landscape. They are widely used in closed systems, or back office applications, where documents are both signed and verified within the same enterprise. Digital signatures are also commonly used in front office applications, or open systems, where documents (such as contracts and agreements) are signed by one party but need to be trusted and verified by multiple parties.

In this webinar, we’ll focus on a third area where life sciences organizations can achieve tangible operational improvements and cost savings: the middle office. We’ll discuss how digital signatures facilitate collaboration and secure document exchange between multiple parties working together on clinical studies. The presentation will provide a clear understanding of how global life sciences leaders use digital signatures to achieve shortened turnaround times, improved collaboration, cost savings and more.

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