Identify Contaminants For Fast Corrective Action

Thermo Scientific metal detectors offer the sensitivity to enable you to fulfill your legal obligations and protect your brand.

The Thermo Scientific EZx contaminant detection system provides complete protection from metal, glass, stone, plastic and other dense foreign objects at a very affordable price. Especially attractive on lines utilizing new metallized film or foil packaging, the system is typically installed immediately after fill and seal.

  • Offer the lowest total cost of ownership of any X-ray system
  • Install immediately after fill and seal to screen your production 100% and immediately identify contaminants for fast corrective action.
  • Certified for IP65 washdown
  • Several styles of optional rejecters available

Designed with production line users in mind, the EZx™ contaminant detection system is very easy to learn and use. The built-in QuickLearn Wizard enables you to set up a new product in minutes.

The EZx Touchless Model features radiation scatter without the use of shielding curtains.

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