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03.20.14 -- FDA Encouraged To Withdraw Its Approval Of 'Supercharged' Painkiller

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» Where Do Ideas Come From?
Sometimes, From Places You'd Least Expect
By Trisha Gladd, Editor, Pharmaceutical Online and Bioresearch Online
As part of the Where Do Ideas Come From? series, I spoke with Tony Pidgeon, senior manager of global science and technology at Patheon, a pharmaceutical contract manufacturer and development company, about not only where he gets his ideas, but also what he does once he has them.
Featured Focus: Logistics
5 Tips For Successful Cold Chain Logistics
By Dan Catizone, QuickSTAT
Cold chain shipments often have to be transported to obscure parts of the world under strictly controlled temperature conditions. Making sure that clinical specimens, vaccines, drugs, or other biologicals reach their destination safely, securely, and at the right temperature is a critical element of the drug discovery process. As a shipper, you need to ensure that your cold chain runs efficiently and with the least amount of adverse incidents.
ARTICLE: From Premium Logistics To A True Partner In Global Life Sciences Supply Chain Management
By Wesley Wheeler, CEO, Marken
Part one of Marken CEO Wes Wheeler’s ten-part blog series about the changing face of life sciences logistics in today’s fast-paced pharmaceutical industry.
WHITE PAPER: The Environmental Impact Between Reusable Thermal Shippers And Single-Use Containers
BROCHURE: Active Cold Chain Services: With You Every Step Of The Way
BROCHURE: Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs)/Bin Handling Systems
SERVICE: Global Cold Chain Logistics
» Packaging
WHITE PAPER: Alternative Metering Systems For Liquid Filling Systems
By Bob Rosen, Filamatic
Selecting the correct metering system is one of the most important steps when purchasing a filling machine. There are a few variables that you must know about your project before choosing the right metering system such as accuracy, viscosity, fill volume, product characteristics (corrosive, stringy, etc.), material compatibility, and temperature.
VIDEO: Clinical Trial Distribution Reduces Costs And Shortens Go-To-Market Timelines
PRODUCT: Packet Dispenser: 185 Packets Per Minute
PRODUCT: Portable Tabletop Inspection Hood
PRODUCT: Used Filling Equipment
» Manufacturing
GUEST COLUMN: Vacuum Conveying: Safe, Easy, And Efficient
By Sharon Nowak, K-Tron
Powder transfer by pneumatic vacuum conveying has become one of the more popular means of transport for a wide variety of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and food materials. The gentle use of vacuum in either dilute or dense phases ensures that the powder or granulate remains within the process, as opposed to leaks or losses that are often results of positive-pressure transfer systems.
VIDEO: Cubitainer Filling And Capping System
PRODUCT: Pharmaceutical Flexible Modular Facilities
PRODUCT: Pharmaceutical Blend Uniformity Systems
PRODUCT: Pharmaceutical Elastomeric Closures
WHITE PAPER: Factors To Consider When Selecting Biodecontamination Services
By Yvonne Yeo, Bioquell Inc.
RBDS, or Room Biodecontamination service, is not only about the practical side of service delivery. We understand that it is important for our customers to hold detailed records of what actions were performed on their site, ready for regulatory or audit inspections, including batch and serial numbers, equipment locations, biological indicator locations, and results.
Q&A: How Instantaneous Microbial Detection Technology Can Benefit Your Critical Environment
ARTICLE: A Measure Of Success For Quality Control With A Polarimeter
APPLICATION NOTE: Improve Root Cause Investigations With Real-Time Facility Monitoring
DATASHEET: High-Pressure Diffuser For Airborne Particle Counters 
By Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions
» Critical Environments
WHITE PAPER: How To Detect Detergent Residue To Maintain Laboratory Accreditation Guidelines
APPLICATION NOTE: Cleaning Glassware Contaminated With Drug Compounds Or Chemicals
PRODUCT: Hotpack Walk-In Environmental Chamber
PRODUCT: Isomedix Tissue Processing Services
PRODUCT: FlexFill Single-Use Biocontainer Transfer Assembly
PRODUCT: Airegard 114: Cleanroom Air Scrubber
» Inspection
CASE STUDY: Medical Device Package Inspection Case Study
DATASHEET: Loma IQ3 Metal Detector Conveyor 
By Loma Systems and Lock Inspection
VIDEO: PAPPIS Portable Inspection System: 3,000 Tablets Per Minute
BROCHURE: Beltweighers From 100 kg To 25,000 t Per Hour
PRODUCT: High-Speed Deblistering Machine: Press Out Universal
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The scientific programming at the 2014 National Biotechnology Conference will feature symposia, roundtables, sunrise sessions, short courses, and workshops.

Vendor Qualification And Compliance: What Sponsors And CMOs Must Know
Date: Tuesday, March 25, 2014 • Time: 1pm – 2:30pm EST

Quality Agreements And FDA: What You Must Know To Comply
Date: Wednesday, April 2, 2014 • Time: 1pm – 2:30pm EST

Computer Systems Validation (CSV): Avoiding The Top Five Regulatory Pitfalls
Date: Wednesday, April 9, 2014 • Time: 1pm – 2:30pm EST
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