Greenbox Reusable Thermal Packaging Datasheet

Source: Sonoco ThermoSafe

GREENBOX™ has the potential to eliminate an estimated $3B+ in annual product spoilage, reduce direct distribution costs and achieve the safe delivery of vaccines to the approximately 3 million children that otherwise die each year from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers have expressed a need for higher-performance domestic shipping containers and solutions to their long-duration international requirements. GREENBOX delivers a single solution that matches a variety of specific needs and greatly reduces financial losses associated with product spoilage.

Many medical devices, from drug-coated stents to liquid-cooled instruments, need to be shipped at specific temperatures to ensure their performance. The GREENBOX Solution featuring ThermoPhase™ powered by PureTemp™, provides unprecedented protection, regardless of the temperature range needed (-40° to +70°C).