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04.29.14 -- GSK, Novartis Agree On Asset Swap Worth Billions; AstraZeneca Rejects Pfizer Bid

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» Where Do Ideas Come From?
Time Is Money, So Spend It Wisely
By Trisha Gladd, Editor, Pharmaceutical Online and Bioresearch Online
In a traditional office environment, hours upon hours are often spent collaborating with other people to come up with game-changing ideas. Even the time spent alone at your desk can be occupied with juggling multiple responsibilities and tasks. It’s usually only during downtime at the end of the day, whether it’s a quiet ride home in the car or lying in bed at night, that we allow ourselves time to relax and reflect. Tony and Oliver Stauffer, president and chief operating officer at Packaging Technology & Inspections, as well as father and son, believe it’s during these moments to ourselves that we have the ability to come up with some of our best ideas.
Featured Focus: Critical Environments
Use Of Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Biodecontamination Technology For Facility Commissioning
By Arthur Papineau, BS ChE, MBA; and John Klostermyer, Ph.D., STERIS Life Sciences
Whether it is a new laboratory research facility or renovation of an existing facility, a sound commissioning process is vital to start-up success. The commissioning process ensures that the facility and equipment within the facility are ready for occupancy and use.
WHITE PAPER: Adding Up The True Costs Of A False Positive Sterility Test
WHITE PAPER: A Guide To Pharmaceutical Liquid Filling
TRAINING COURSE: Basics Of Tablet Manufacturing And Troubleshooting Training Course (June 17 To 19, 2014)
CASE STUDY: A Complete Cost-Effective Solution For Washing And Sterilizing Animal Cages
DATASHEET: Liquinox: Critical-Cleaning Liquid Detergent
By Alconox, Inc.
CATALOG: Gloveboxes, Hoods, And Vacuum Chambers
» Supply Chain
WHITE PAPER: 2014 1st Quarter Supply Chain ISAC Report Of Cargo Theft Activity
WHITE PAPER: Latin America Emerges As World Competitor For Global Trials Despite Tough Regulatory Environment
CASE STUDY: Rapid Response To Earthquake Damage Keeps Critical Shipments Moving
DATASHEET: Southwest Airlines Cargo Capabilities
By Southwest Airlines Cargo
» Packaging
WHITE PAPER: The Role Of Pharmaceutical Packaging Partners In Times Of Growth
By Paul Dupont, Ropack, Inc.
The expanding global pharmaceutical industry projects 4 percent to 6 percent annual growth and forecasts that it will reach a value of $1T by 2014.
WHITE PAPER: Creating The Next Generation Of Isolation
DATASHEET: Blister Folding Machine For Double Blisters
By Harro Höfliger Packaging Systems
DATASHEET: Lock INSIGHT pH Metal Detector
By Loma Systems and Lock Inspection
PRODUCT: Pharmaceutical Ophthalmic Liquid Packaging
WHITE PAPER: Handheld Particle Counter Selection Guide
By Dr. Hans-Walter Motzkus and Joe Gecsey, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences
Just like mobile phones, handheld particle counters were originally quite large and heavy instruments that were not really very convenient to use, and due to the short battery life they would run out of power at the most inconvenient moments! However, things have changed, and happily we now have a great choice of many lightweight instruments with a wide range of features.
CASE STUDY: Applying Innovative Engineering To Industrial Challenges
BROCHURE: Metal Detection Systems
BROCHURE: Simplify Clinical Trials Documentation And Reduce Compliance Risk
» Inspection
WHITE PAPER: Trends In Pharmaceutical Leak Tightness Testing
By Hemi Sagi, Director, Advance Test Concepts (ATC) Inc.
Leak tightness of products is an ongoing concern for many product designers, manufacturers, and users. Automotive manufacturers, in particular, are facing increasing demands to reduce emission requirements that can be a result of leakage as well as warranty cost.
PRODUCT: Leak Detection Device: VisionScan
PRODUCT: Portable Airborne Particle Counter
PRODUCT: Industrial Vision System And Smart Camera: In-Sight 5000
» Manufacturing
WHITE PAPER: Dry Granulation And Its Application In Dietary Supplements Manufacturing
By Martin Purpura, Gerteis Maschinen + Processengineering AG
The dietary supplement label contains information about the product, such as its intended use, directions for use, safety information, and, in addition, it fully, clearly, and accurately discloses each ingredient contained in the supplement. Therefore, it should be of importance, allowing consumers to judge the quality of the dietary supplement, but based on the label it is difficult to determine the performance, benefits, and features such as whether it contains the proper amount of ingredients in such a way that their absorption and corresponding efficacy are guaranteed. The grade of quality depends on the production process, which involves the quality control of the manufacturer, the suppliers, and other involved parties.
DATASHEET: Eccentric Sterile Check Valve With Weld End
By Bürkert Werke GmbH
DATASHEET: Solution For Real-Time IBC Blend Uniformity
By Custom Powder Systems
BROCHURE: Precision Climate-Control Systems For Controlled Process Environments
PRODUCT: Single-Use Stainless Folding Intermediate Bulk Containers
PRODUCT: Contract Manufacturing Services

Root Cause Analysis And CAPA Identification: A Step-By-Step Guide For Manufacturers
Date: Wednesday, April 30, 2014 • Time: 1pm – 2:30pm EST

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Date: Thursday, May 8, 2014 • Time: 1pm – 2:30pm EST

Renovating Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities For Aseptic Fill/Finish: Critical Planning, Execution, And Compliance Tips
Date: Tuesday, May 20, 2014 • Time: 1pm – 2:30pm EST
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AstraZeneca Rejects Pfizer Bid
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