News | August 19, 2014

Infitrak & Rapid Aid Announce Joint Development And Distribution Agreement To Deliver Cost-Effective Logistics Solutions For Temperature Controlled Markets

Joint agreement promises to make cold chain packaging solutions lighter and more cost effective

Infitrak recently announced a joint development and distribution agreement with Rapid Aid, the leading manufacturer of hot and cold therapy and temperature controlled transport products.

Through this agreement, Infitrak will have exclusive rights to offer Rapid Aid’s Transportation Freezer Packs to its logistics customers across North America. It also provides Infitrak with technical and engineering support to enhance Infitrak’s current cold chain packaging portfolio. Rapid Aid, in return, receives cold chain services and compliance expertise to build more cost-optimized products, which are compliant, offer longer hold times, and weigh less than current generation products.

Rapid Aid Transportation Freezer Packs are designed for transporting temperature-sensitive goods, including vaccines, serums, pathology samples, environmental testing samples, medical supplies, seafood and other perishable products. When used with the Infitrak qualified packaging system, products can be stored longer, in a lighter package, reducing shipment weight and cost for the end customer.

“Through Infitrak’s expertise in compliance, shipping and storage conditions, in specific temperature regulated markets, we recognized a huge potential opportunity to change the industry for cold chain logistics packaging, said Jeff Whitely, CEO of Rapid Aid. “We plan to utilize both sets of experts to develop products that make medicines safer to store, lighter to transport, and more cost effective for patients.”

“Imagine qualified packaging solutions that are lighter, have longer temperature duration specifications and can sustain much colder or hotter temperatures than current offerings, while keeping temperatures consistent and products safe, said Jean Bédard, President and Chief Executive Officer of Infitrak. “With Rapid Aid’s 40 years of market knowledge and patented technologies, combine with our knowledge of temperature management, shipping and logistics, we hope to help enable that change faster than ever before.”

Infitrak offers a complete line of temperature management, remote monitoring, qualification and compliance solutions. For more information about Infitrak’s cold chain solution, visit us here. For more information about Rapid Aid’s Transportation Freezer Packs, please click here.

About Rapid Aid
Since 1975 Rapid Aid has been the leading private-label manufacturer of Hot & Cold products worldwide. With more than 350 clients in North America, there’s a good chance Rapid Aid is already providing relief in your home or office. Our patents and technical expertise has enabled us to provide specialized solutions in healthcare, first aid, temperature controlled transport, retail products, and much more. For more information, visit

About Infitrak
With over 15 years experience in cold chain compliance and since the launch of the Infitrak environmental monitoring platform in 2004, the company has successfully delivered solutions to a loyal customer base that includes pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers, laboratories, logistics and storage companies, hospitals, food manufacturers and data centers.

Infitrak is a unique one-stop resource for developing and executing plans to meet Good Distribution Practices (GDPs) and cold chain management requirements. Using current regulations and guidance, we evaluate current methods where risk may be present, identify deficiencies, and propose remediation. It is an integrated approach that provides cost-effective enhancements to our customer’s quality systems.

Comprehensive and always current services range from regulatory gap analyses to writing SOPs and training personnel, from qualification of packaging to profiling transport routes, and from supplying validated storage temperature mapping and monitoring to global real-time transportation monitoring.

Infitrak’s intelligent monitoring solutions provide real-time data collection and reporting through non-intrusive wireless devices. Our web-enabled dashboard and reporting platform is accessible on-line, 24/7 through any standard browser and provides an integrated view of the environmental conditions to which your facility and products are exposed at all times. With user-configurable alarming capabilities, and a complete audit trail, the Infitrak system meets applicable regulatory requirements.

As a one-stop resource, Infitrak provides the most integrated expertise in intelligent monitoring, GDPs and cold chain management in the industry – benefits that translate into improved compliance status, risk reduction and cost control. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Infitrak, Inc.