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08.26.14 -- Learn Pfizer's Guiding Principles For Externalization; Roche And Garvan Link In Epigenetics Tech Development

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Learn Pfizer's Guiding Principles For Externalization At Outsourced Pharma West
By Louis Garguilo, Executive Editor, Outsourced Pharma
Firelli Alonso-Caplen, outsourcing manager for 10 years, first at Wyeth and then Pfizer, says "The key really is the initial selection process for the CDMO," in a recent conversation regarding our panel at Outsourced Pharma West Conference, in San Francisco. At the conference in November, Alonso-Caplen will also discuss Pfizer's "guiding principles for externalization," which are six factors with different weightings and analysis of CDMOs.

For more insight on outsourcing strategies and CMO partners, Register Today for Outsourced Pharma West Conference and Exhibition.
» Featured Article
Innovations In UV Oxidation Direct Conductivity TOC Measurement To Improve Accuracy And Precision
By Roger Schmid and Randy Turner, ISPE
This article presents innovations to improve the accuracy and reliability of UV oxidation direct conductivity TOC measurement methods.
Featured Focus: Logistics
Using Dry Ice When Shipping Air Freight
By Mark Mohr, CSafe Global
Healthcare product manufacturers, transportation providers, and distributors all have a moral, and in most cases a regulatory, responsibility to help insure the product arrives to the end user intact. Protection of product efficacy demands use of the latest reliable technologies available. People’s lives truly depend on it.
DATASHEET: Small, Thermal Pharmaceutical Shipping Containers
By CSafe Global
The CSafe SVS is the newest addition to the growing family of CSafe’s temperature management solutions.
BROCHURE: AT&T mHealth Solutions
BROCHURE: Buckhorn Reusable Intermediate Bulk Containers
BROCHURE: Handheld Raman Analyzer For Raw Materials Verification
» Manufacturing
WHITE PAPER: The Need For Flexible Facility Designs
By Maik W. Jornitz, President, G-CON Manufacturing LLC
Currently the need of a paradigm shift in the facility design of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical production sites has been stated in multiple papers and conferences.
WHITE PAPER: How A Process Control System Can Help Increase Profits
By Christine Banaszek
Creating an efficient mixing or blending system is a balancing act. Throughput must be balanced against batch size, agitator sizes, motor sizes, shear and tip speeds, viscosity, the thermal capacity of your product, energy costs, labor costs — and many other variables.
DATASHEET: Eccentric Sterile Check Valve With Weld End Datasheet
By Bürkert Werke GmbH
» Critical Environments
APPLICATION NOTE: Assess Air Exchange Reductions In Controlled Environments For Energy Savings
WHITE PAPER: What Is Combustible Dust?
WHITE PAPER: Seven Tips For Maintaining A Lab Washer
» Packaging
WHITE PAPER: 10 Reasons To Choose Image-Based Bar Code Readers
DATASHEET: Semiautomated Packet Dispenser
By Multisorb Technologies
PRODUCT: Semiautomated Inspection System: Prefilled Syringes
WHITE PAPER: Can You Syringe A Bioscience Material?
WHITE PAPER: How To Choose Alkaline Or Acid Pharmaceutical Cleaners
BROCHURE: High-Resolution Bench Scale
» Inspection
DATASHEET: Metal Detection System: Observer
By Sartorius Intec
BROCHURE: Pharmaceutical Metal Detector: APEX 500 Rx
VIDEO: Does Your Tablet Deduster Convey This Fast
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