News | March 10, 2014

Meissner Announces Its ‘Green Doc' Update At

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Meissner’s Green Docs have been update and expanded on The launch of Green Docs posted previously printed product inserts to a new section of the website for 24-hour availability. This update encompasses Meissner’s entire portfolio of filter media, including its newest addition, the ALpHA® G filter capsule.

The ongoing implementation of Green Docs is a demonstration of Meissner’s conscious effort to become a more environmentally friendly manufacturer. Customer cooperation to access and download these e-documents at has helped us realize the benefit of saving over one acre of forested land, annually. Green Docs provides information and guidance on such topics as product specifications, available filter configurations, effective filtration areas, filter integrity testing, and proper product installation.

Meissner manufactures advanced microfiltration products and One-Touch® single-use systems used in the sterilization of drugs, reagents, and other critical pharmaceutical and biomanufacturing applications. Meissner provides comprehensive qualification and validation services, documentation, and application support to optimize filtration and single-use fluid management systems. Meissner’s global customer base is serviced through a worldwide network of personnel.

SOURCE: Meissner Filtration Products