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06.12.14 -- Merck Agrees To Purchase Idenix For $3.85B; NORD Advises FDA On Biologics Naming Policy

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» Magazine Article
Navigating The New World Of Value-Based Healthcare
By Mary Beth Lewis, GlaxoSmithKline; Brian Griner, Ph.D., Quintiles; and Mridul Malhotra, Quintiles
Demonstrating the value of therapies to the many healthcare stakeholders is an ongoing challenge for drugmakers. This involves complex analytics and requires developing appropriate evidence to meet stakeholder needs.
Featured Focus: Critical Environments
Flexibility In Sterility Testing And Managing Risks Of False Positives
By James Drinkwater, Bioquell UK Process and Compliance Director
This paper reviews the background to false positives and false negatives associated with the sterility test process. It explores the potential causes of such results and suggests methods of mitigation.
WHITE PAPER: Factors To Consider When Cleaning Pharmaceutical Equipment
By Malcolm McLaughlin, Alconox
Typically, pharmaceutical operations require transition from bench-scale R&D, to pilot studies, to full-scale manufacturing. Each transitional stage requires careful consideration of changes to the processing equipment and cleaning techniques.
WHITE PAPER: FS209E And ISO Cleanroom Standards
PRODUCT: Mobile Pharmaceutical Cleanroom
PRODUCT: Downflow Booth For Powder Containment
» Inspection
ARTICLE: Trends In Leak-Tightness Testing
By Hemi Sagi, Director, ATC, Inc.
Great confusion exists in the definition and application of leak tightness. That confusion is a result of improper leak-tightness design specifications. As product leakage is typically a microflow phenomenon, there are difficulties in applying relevant tools for testing, correlating, and analyzing leak tightness during product manufacturing and quality control.
BROCHURE: Nondestructive, Nonsubjective Package Testing: VeriPac System
VIDEO: VERSA RXV Track And Trace Technology Reduces Costs And Saves Space
WHITE PAPER: Multivariate Data Analysis For Dummies
By Brad Swarbrick, CAMO Software
Welcome to Multivariate Data Analysis For Dummies, your guide to the rapidly growing area of data mining and predictive analytics. Multivariate analysis is set to change the mindset of many industries and the way they approach the daunting task of analyzing large sets of data to extract the information they really need.
VIDEO: Multiwave ECO: Microwave Digestion System
PRODUCT: Benchtop Equipment Lease Of Headspace Analyzers
» Supply Chain
ARTICLE: Three Preflight Decisions That Impact The Success Of Shipping High-Value Active Packaging Containers
DATASHEET: Greenbox Reusable Thermal Packaging
By Sonoco ThermoSafe
SERVICE: API (Finished And Intermediate) Shipment Services
» Packaging
WHITE PAPER: The Preferred Packaging Option: Stick Packaging
BROCHURE: First Bottle And Tube Artwork Inspector: Scan360
PRODUCT: Automated Inspection Machine: Ampoule Tip Shape
» Manufacturing
APPLICATION NOTE: Online Total Organic Carbon (TOC) And Conductivity Analyzers For Verification Of Clean-In-Place CIP Processes
DATASHEET: Hazardous Location Vacuum
By Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums
DATASHEET: Flow Indicators With Clamp Connection: BBS-3F
By Bürkert Werke GmbH
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TaiGen Signs Deal With ScinoPharm To Use Burixafor APIs
Merck Agrees To Purchase Idenix For $3.85B
NORD Advises FDA On Biologics Naming Policy
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