09.04.14 -- Merck Serono Building 2nd Largest Manufacturing Site In China; Dealing With Packaging Complexity

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A Witness To The History Of Outsourcing
By Louis Garguilo, Executive Editor, Outsourced Pharma
Joe Guiles seems too young and mild-mannered to be at the outbreak of a revolution, but he witnessed firsthand the inception of the complete penetrability of outsourcing throughout the drug industry. Currently director of process development at Medivation, Guiles says he is looking forward to talking about what he has learned of our industry at Outsourced Pharma West Conference.
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Dealing With Packaging Complexity
By Stephen McIndoe, VP Consulting, Be4ward
In this series of articles I am going to discuss the topic of packaging complexity and outline tips on approaches you can take to manage it.
Featured Focus: Packaging
Eliminate Inspection Labor Costs On Your Blister Packaging Lines
By Giuseppe Bonfiglioli, Bonfiglioli Engineering SPA
Production of tablets and capsules is carried out in cleanrooms and under stringent procedures as per GMP requirements. However, the process also relies on machines and machine operators, so misappropriate handling can result in a faulty blister pack containing micro leaks in the packaging, allowing air and moisture to enter the blister and damage the product.
WHITE PAPER: Achieving Temperature Requirements For Blister Packaging
By Dr. Egon Huefner, Bürkert Fluid Control Systems
When tablets are packaged in blisters, the plastic film must be the right temperature at the right moment, which is no easy task at an output of up to 1,300 blisters per minute. A customer-specific combination for proportional valve, temperature sensor, and controller master is achieved by using the regulation of cooling water flow. If needed, machine developers can implement 13 parallel-working temperature control circuits.
SERVICE: Ropack Contract Manufacturing Encapsulation Services
PRODUCT: Custom Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions
PRODUCT: Pharmaceutical Respiratory Drug Packaging Equipment
» Critical Environments
WHITE PAPER: 5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Purchasing A Containment System
By Gary Partington, Technical Sales and Marketing Manager
If you are considering purchasing a containment system, here are five questions to ask yourself that will help you prepare before contacting or working with a containment system vendor.
APPLICATION NOTE: Cleaning Glassware Contaminated With Drug Compounds Or Chemicals
DATASHEET: Rapid Biologic Detection System For Air
By Azbil BioVigilant, Inc.
» Inspection
WHITE PAPER: Using 100 Percent Headspace Inspection For Characterizing And Optimizing Parenteral Manufacturing Processes
By D.I. Duncan, Lighthouse Instruments
Laser-based headspace analysis provides a rapid nondestructive method for performing trace gas analysis in the headspace of sterile pharmaceutical vials, ampoules, bottles, and syringes.
PRODUCT: Automated Tablet Inspection Machine: ETIM
PRODUCT: Punch Measurement And Inspection
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WHITE PAPER: New Requirements In Global Clinical Supply Spur Evolution And Innovation
PRODUCT: Thermal Pharmaceutical Shipping Container For Smaller Payloads
PRODUCT: Greenbox Reusable Thermal Packaging
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APPLICATION NOTE: Cleaning Tablet Tooling In An Automated Washer
BROCHURE: Biopharma Process Development, Manufacturing, And Process Monitoring Solutions
PRODUCT: Liquid Filling Systems For Personal Care
PRODUCT: Cell Counter: Size Distribution In Number, Volume, And Surface Area
PRODUCT: Hygienic Load Cell And Mounting Kit: Contego
PRODUCT: High-Sensitivity Raman Analyzer: ProRaman-L

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