News | May 13, 2014

Nilfisk Presents A New Way For Metalworkers To Collect, Separate And Recycle Chips, Cuttings, Lubricants And Coolant Spills

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Nilfisk CFM VHO200

Nilfisk CFM introduces the new VHO200 Sump Pump Vacuum that can collect and separate 75 liters of mixed liquids and solids in minutes. This vacuum is ideal for metalworking processes that benefit from the time-savings and cost reduction associated with quickly collecting, separating, discharging and recycling chips, cuttings, lubricants and other liquids.

The VHO200 is equipped with a diverting valve that reverses the flow of air to pump out the tank quickly and easily. The stainless steel chip basket is perforated with 3 mm holes to allow fast fluid separation from chips and shavings. It also comes with a tilting motor head, allowing easy access to the internal chip basket. It can be equipped with a wide range of accessories that are resistant to oils and water-based fluids.

Design benefits specifically for the metal market include a removable collection bin, small footprint for metalworking shops, internal oil mist filter to prevent mist from entering the motor, a transparent liquid site level to easily see the tank level without interrupting work, and a new float system for automatic shut-off.

The VHO200 sump pump vacuum is a re-designed model, replacing the now discontinued WST100 vacuum.

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