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02.27.14 -- Pfizer Faces Regulatory Action From Australian Government

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Refractometers For Every Application
Anton Paar's range of Abbemat refractometers embody over forty years of technical expertise. These truly universal refractometers cover a wide range of applications in all industries where the refractive index of liquids, gels and solids must be measured.
  • Entry-level
  • Multi-wavelength options
  • High temperature option
  • Hermetically-sealed housing
  • 21 CFR Part 11 and GMP/GLP compliant
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Featured Focus: Manufacturing
Is "Yield Stress" As Important As "Viscosity?"
By Robert McGregor, Global Marketing and High End Product Manager, Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
"Yield Stress" could be a term that applies to our daily lives. When under pressure, if the stress is too great, you start to "change" in a figurative sense. In the world of science and engineering, fluids and semi-solid materials that are subjected to a strong enough force will start to move. Basically, they "change" from their original shape and move in response to the applied force, remaining in motion as long as the force is great enough.
WHITE PAPER: Flexible Measuring And Control In Reverse Osmosis Systems
By Christof Kundel, Segment Manager Water Treatment, Bürkert Fluid Control Systems
Reverse osmosis systems play a central part in water treatment. In industrial applications, for example, reverse osmosis is used for purifying process water, producing drinking water, and desalinizing seawater, or for producing ultra-pure or pharmaceutical water. In addition to these processes, which aim at reducing the concentration of the substances dissolved in the water, the beverage industry also uses reverse osmosis systems for increasing concentrations, e.g. in the manufacture of fruit juice concentrates or for concentrating the must in wine production.
WHITE PAPER: Choosing The Right Glidants In Two-Step Mixing Can Improve Flow And Protect Moisture Sensitive APIs
SERVICE: Pharmaceutical Tablets Designs
PRODUCT: Filter Systems For Pharmaceutical Separations
PRODUCT: Flexible, Multiproduct Pharmaceutical Plant Automation
PRODUCT: Prevent Pharmaceutical Product Segregation: EZ-Down System
» Inspection
WHITE PAPER: Eliminate Inspection Labor Costs On Your Blister Packaging Lines
By Giuseppe Bonfiglioli
Production of tablets and capsules is carried out in cleanrooms and under stringent procedures as per GMP requirements. However, the process also relies on machines and machine operators, whereby misappropriate handling can result in a faulty blister pack containing micro leaks in the packaging, thus allowing air and moisture to enter the blister and damage the product.
WHITE PAPER: Tablet Dedusting: Which Method Fits Your Process?
By Andre Petric, President, Kraemer USA
There are a number of things to consider when integrating a deduster into your manufacturing line.
DATASHEET: X 4 Bulk X-Ray Inspection Systems
By Loma Systems and Lock Inspection
BROCHURE: Multisizer 4 Beckman Coulter Cell Counter
PRODUCT: Package Leak Testing
ARTICLE: Optimizing The Freeze-Dry Process: What Accessories Are Right For You?
By Jenny Sprung, Product Manager, Labconco Corporation
Determining the right accessories for your freeze dryer is essential for the freeze-dry process. Samples can range from a few microliters in 96-well plates to large bulk type samples on trays. In order to determine the best accessories for your needs, you have to determine your sample size and the format you want to use.
WHITE PAPER: Probiotics In Pharmaceuticals: Friendly Bacteria
By Kevin Ward, Biopharma Technology Limited
Probiotic bacteria have long been used in probiotic yogurt drinks or provided in tablet form. People have often taken these ‘friendly’ bacteria to help boost their own systems internal flora and fauna; friendly bacteria can help protect our immune system and aid digestion. Bacteria have been known to survive a variety of conditions; however, storage in yogurt drinks or tablet form is often not enough.
PRODUCT: Pharmaceutical Microbial Detection Systems
PRODUCT: High-Resolution Bench Scale: Signum
PRODUCT: Analytical And Laboratory Benchtop Instruments
» Logistics
CASE STUDY: Why Air Cargo Is A Viable Solution For Transporting Medical And Pharmaceutical Products
By Todd Keefe, Southwest Airlines Cargo
The ecosystem tied to the movement of medical and pharmaceutical products is complex and highly distributed. Shippers and receivers for these lifesaving products are spread out around the country, and there are no centralized routes between them.
DATASHEET: Greenbox Reusable Thermal Packaging
By ThermoSafe, Sonoco Protective Solutions
DATASHEET: Cold Chain Logger: CCL100
By Vaisala, Inc.
VIDEO: Why We Put An 8-Year-Old Girl On A Container
PRODUCT: Thermal Pallet Shipper: CSafe RKN
» Critical Environments
WHITE PAPER: Variability In Sterility Test Processes And The Benefits Of Modular Workstations
By James Drinkwater, Bioquell UK Process And Compliance Director
This paper reviews some of the current operational practices that incorporate sterility testing and provides an insight into the role of hydrogen peroxide vapor bio-decontamination and continuous particle monitoring.
APPLICATION NOTE: Personnel Training In Cleanroom And Aseptic Manufacturing Environments
BROCHURE: Room Pressure Solutions For Healthcare Facilities
PRODUCT: Aseptic Pharmaceutical Isolators
PRODUCT: Sterilizer Process Controllers
» Packaging
WHITE PAPER: The Top 7 Reasons To Switch To Vision Sensors For Pharmaceutical Solutions
PRODUCT: Cosmetic Contract Packaging: Sampling Stix
PRODUCT: SGcaps Soft Gelatin Capsules
PRODUCT: Custom Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions
PRODUCT: Small-Volume Pharmaceutical Parenteral Packaging Systems
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