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03.06.14 -- Ron Guido Offers Advice On Supply Chain Security

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Prevent Counterfeiting And Preserve The Integrity Of Your Pharma Products
Audio interview with Ron Guido …
Radio hosts Todd and Todd interview Ron Guido, president of Lifecare Services, LLC, to help you understand the nature of counterfeiting in the pharmaceutical industry and how brand protection best practices can help you preserve the integrity of your product throughout the supply chain, or in Ron's words, "A very complex supply network."
Featured Focus: QA/QC
Glove Boxes: The Effects Of Gas Permeation And Equilibrium
By Bob Applequist, Product Manager, Labconco Corporation
Controlled atmosphere glove boxes are designed to contain an internal inert gas environment, purified to some level. How to achieve the gas purities requires understanding a few fundamental concerns related to the chemistry and physics of gases. Most often misunderstood, and/or overlooked, are the properties of gas permeation and equilibrium. Physics describes permeation as the movement or penetration of gas molecules through a solid substance. All solid materials (glass, plastics, and steel) are permeable to some degree. This includes the material used in constructing glove boxes.
WHITE PAPER: Cytotoxic Success: Outsourcing R&D
By Dr. Laura Ciccolini, Biopharma Technology Limited
Partnering with a specialist CRO is an ideal way to quickly and cost-effectively manage development. Biopharmaceutical manufacturing is increasingly focused on productivity and efficiency. A changing economic climate, together with the patent cliff of many major products, has resulted in drastic changes in the business models of a whole industry. It's no longer simply the repetitive, simple tasks that are outsourced, but increasingly complex, specialized tasks, including research and development, when pursuing the identification of new chemical and biochemical entities.
WHITE PAPER: Scientific Standards For Ambient Temperature Profile Development
By Kenneth Maltas, Vice President of Engineering; Auston Matta, Engineering Team Lead R&D; Kevin O'Donnell, Technical Director; D'Arcy Ryan, Director of Marketing, ThermoSafe, Sonoco Protective Solutions
Storing and shipping highly temperature-sensitive drug products requires sophisticated packaging to ensure that the product remains safe and viable — from the manufacturing plant to the end user.
WHITE PAPER: Top 10 Reasons To Use Rigid Wall Isolators
APPLICATION NOTE: The Sizing Of Nonspherical, Submicron Particles Using Polarization Intensity Differential Scattering (PIDS)
» Inspection
WHITE PAPER: Container Closure Integrity Testing Method Development And Validation For Prefilled Syringes
By Lei Li,  Eli Lilly and Company
Utilization of prefilled syringes as a preferred container closure system for biologics has been increasing. As a primary container closure system, prefilled syringes must provide an integral barrier that protects drug product stability and sterility throughout its entire shelf life. Drug manufacturers are required to check and demonstrate that the system is capable of maintaining its microbial barrier integrity.
DATASHEET: Leak-Testing Machine For Filled Bottles
By TASI Group: Bonfiglioli Engineering and Sepha
BROCHURE: Pharmaceutical And Medical Device Applications Guide To Vision
PRODUCT: CW3 Checkweigher Series: Enhance Accuracy
PRODUCT: Hygienic Load Cells
» Manufacturing
WHITE PAPER: Time For A World Tablet Tooling Standard
By Dale Natoli, Natoli Engineering Company, Inc.
If your business is in the tablet compression industry, then you are most likely using tablet compression tooling of the standard "B" and/or "D" configuration, regardless of the country you are in. Tablet compression tooling is often referred to as tooling, or more commonly, punches and dies.
WHITE PAPER: Efficiencies In Powder Dispersion For Manufacturers
VIDEO: BSP Feeder: Precise Feeding Of Free-Flowing Products
BROCHURE: Transform Your Complex Sterile Manufacturing Project Into A Finished Product With More Efficiency And Confidence
PRODUCT: Sterilizing-Grade Filters: Small Molecule And API Applications
PRODUCT: Hygienic Mobile Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
PRODUCT: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing And Business Integration
» Packaging
WHITE PAPER: Improving Efficiencies In Liquid Filling Systems
By Robert Rosen, Filamatic
Solve foaming problems with our bottom-up filling technique. This technique can be used on both semi-automatic and automatic equipment.
PRODUCT: Large-Volume Pharmaceutical Parenteral Packaging Systems
PRODUCT: Overseal Capping System For Vials And Bottles
PRODUCT: Bag-In-Box Liquid Packaging
PRODUCT: Pharmaceutical Contract Packagers In Low RH And Temperature-Controlled Environments
» Critical Environments
WHITE PAPER: What To Know About Gloveboxes
By Bob Applequist, Product Manager, Labconco Corp.
During the past two decades in the United States there has been an increased usage of gloveboxes for a growing number of applications. Scientists, engineers, manufacturers, and facility managers have started using new terms for these devices in an effort to better define and categorize specific glovebox applications. The terms isolator, isolator glovebox, glovebox isolator, and barrier isolator are now commonly used to describe a glovebox and its functions. Unfortunately, expedient terminology usually falls short of defining the operational requirements for any specific glovebox.
APPLICATION NOTE: Pharmaceutical Ingredient Uniformity Determination Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)
DATASHEET: Wide-Range Temp Loggers
By Vaisala, Inc.
PRODUCT: Small Hazardous Materials Containers
PRODUCT: Glacier: Ultra Low Laboratory Freezer
PRODUCT: Hydrogen Peroxide Low-Temperature Biodecontamination Equipment
» Logistics
WHITE PAPER: Checklist For Multivariate Analysis Best Practice
CASE STUDY: All-Season Containment Approach Maintains Product Integrity Even At Extreme Temperatures
DATASHEET: Thermal Pallet Shipper: CSafe RKN
By CSafe Global
DATASHEET: Wi-Fi Data Logger
By Vaisala, Inc.
VIDEO: Comprehensive Supply Chain Integrity Solutions
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