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05.13.14 -- Sanofi's 5-In-1 Vaccine Prequalified By WHO

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» From The Editor
Building A Logistics Facility For The Future
By Trisha Gladd, Editor, Pharmaceutical Online and Bioresearch Online
When AmerisourceBergen, a global pharmaceutical sourcing and distribution services company, decided to build a new distribution center, their focus was twofold. First, they wanted to ensure they built a facility that offered the efficiency the manufacturing community needs. Second, in order to meet patient and customer needs, they had to be able to maintain product availability. To do this, they came up with a design they refer to as a "single-drop" facility.
Featured Focus: Supply Chain
Shipment Integrity: How To Ensure Product Safety
WHITE PAPER: Supply Chain Solutions For The Growing Orphan Drug Market
BROCHURE: Pharmaceutical Bins/Bulk Containers
PRODUCT: AT&T Cargo View With FlightSafe
PRODUCT: Certis GPS-RP Pallet Shipper
PRODUCT: Pharmaceutical Print/Verify/Serialization System
PRODUCT: Paper Bulk Container For Bulk Liquid Transportation And Handling
» Manufacturing
GUEST COLUMN: Manufacturing vs. R&D: Round 2 — Obtaining Tablet Powder Data For "Flowability"
By Robert G. McGregor, General Manager – Global Marketing, Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
Tablet production depends on steady flow of powder from a feed hopper to the tablet machine. Hang ups are unwelcome because they interrupt production and necessitate a costly restart. Testing the powder for flowability before manufacturing start-up is a must in order to prevent this type of problem.
WHITE PAPER: The Need For Flexible Facility Designs
By Maik W. Jornitz, COO, G-CON Manufacturing LLC
Currently, the need of a paradigm shift in the facility design of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical production sites has been stated in multiple papers and conferences.
WHITE PAPER: Recommended Blending Equipment For Nutraceuticals
WHITE PAPER: Hydrogen Peroxide Decontamination: Vapor vs. Aerosolized Systems
PRODUCT: Pharmaceutical Dry-Compacting Systems
» Packaging
WHITE PAPER: Blister Pack Blues: The Struggle To Extract Vital Medication
DATASHEET: PickWrap Traypacker: High-Performance, Space-Saving
By Harro Höfliger Packaging Systems
PODCAST: Applications For Blow-Fill-Seal Packaging You Might Not Be Aware Of
PRODUCT: Used Bosch Packaging Blister Packaging Line
PRODUCT: Temperature-Sensitive Packaging: Lower Freight Costs, Greater Hold Times
WEBINAR: Digital Signatures: Enabling Compliant Collaboration And Streamlined Corporate Governance
In this webinar we'll focus on a third area where life sciences organizations can achieve tangible operational improvements and cost savings: the middle office.
APPLICATION NOTE: Benefits Of Using ELSD For The Analysis Of Traditional Chinese Medicines
By Mark Jacyno, Melissa Wilcox, and Linda Xu, Grace
Traditional Chinese medicines have played an important role in clinical therapy and have been attracting more and more attention for their complementary therapeutic effects to western medicines with low toxicity and few to no complications. With the use of traditional herbal medicines gaining popularity worldwide, the questions of purity and safety of these supplements or natural products have become a concern for public health authorities. The FDA, WHO, and the Chinese Pharmacopoeia have begun generating reliable and accurate analytical techniques to standardize quality control in the manufacturing of these supplements to ensure the correct identity, authenticity, and lot-to-lot consistency.
APPLICATION NOTE: Specific Surface Area Measurement Of Intact Lyophilized Cakes
APPLICATION NOTE: Design Of Experiments For Optimal Production Of Malaria Vaccines
BROCHURE: Modular System For Nanostructure Analysis: SAXSpace
BROCHURE: Applying USP<1223> Guidelines As Part Of A Comprehensive RMM Validation
» Critical Environments
DATASHEET: Rotation Air Shower RSE
By M+W Group
BROCHURE: Sterility Test Isolator
PRODUCT: Air Monitoring For Pharma/Biotechnology
PRODUCT: Tergazyme: Enzyme-Active Powdered Detergent
PRODUCT: Industrial Vacuum For Recovery And Extracting
» Inspection
DATASHEET: VISTA In-Line Headspace Inspection System
By Lighthouse Instruments
PRODUCT: INSIGHT C5 Throat Metal Detector
PRODUCT: Laminar Airflow Laboratory Equipment
PRODUCT: Premium Checkweigher EWK 3000
PRODUCT: Multiproduct Leak Detector: PakScan

Renovating Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities For Aseptic Fill/Finish: Critical Planning, Execution, And Compliance Tips
Date: Tuesday, May 20, 2014 • Time: 1pm – 2:30pm EST
» Most Recent News
Sanofi's 5-in-1 Vaccine Prequalified By WHO
FDA Confirms GW Pharmaceuticals' IND For Epidiolex Trial In Dravet Syndrome
WHO Issues Polio Global Health Emergency
FDA Approves The Patheon Site In Bourgoin, France To Manufacture Drugs For U.S. Market
FDA Approves Ibalizumab Manufactured In China By WuXi PharmaTech
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