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Seven Tips For Maintaining A Lab Washer

Source: Miele Professional

When it comes to maintaining a lab washer for optimal use and results, it’s critical to clean and care for the machine properly. To avoid costly repairs and downtime, John Lubas, Miele Professional’s Service Manager, offers his best tips and advice.

  1. Make sure you know how to properly operate the machine upon installation. Take the time to receive the proper training and consult the machine operating manual.
  2. After installation, keep the manual on hand to consult if a problem should arise.
  3. Follow operating guidelines. It may seem simple but it is an easy way to prevent major problems from occurring.
  4. Clean the sump filters: inspect on a daily or weekly basis and remove any debris.
  5. Learn to load properly: make sure to load as to not block the spray arm.
  6. Know your chemistry: it’s key to learn the proper type and amount of detergent to use in order to get glassware properly cleaned without damaging the machine.
  7. If advanced work needs to be done, consult the manufacturer for maintenance advice. Always use OEM parts to service the machine and to ensure the product’s safety.

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