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Choosing The Right Glidants: Improve Flow And Protect Moisture Sensitive API's

Source: Grace

Tablet preparation through Direct Compression is preferred over wet and dry granulation due to its reduced complexity, fewer steps, lower cost, and faster development time. The steps involved in direct compression are blending the API with excipients (e.g.: filler, disintegrant, binder) and compaction of the total mixture into tablets. Direct compression is particularly beneficial for APIs that are sensitive to moisture and heat by avoiding granule preparation process.

The three most important factors for successful tabletting by direct compression are flow, compactability of the compression mix and drug content uniformity in the final mix and tablets. Flowability of the powder is the most important factor and unfavorable flow affects the tablet weight uniformity and processability. Flowability of the final mixture is a big concern in the case of high dose drugs and the content uniformity is in the case of low dose drugs. The drug properties also influence the flow and compactability of the final mixture for tablet preparation.

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