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04.24.14 -- Using Spray Drying For Flu Vaccines: What Challenges Do We Need To Overcome?

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Using Spray Drying For Flu Vaccines: What Challenges Do We Need To Overcome?
By Trisha Gladd, Editor, Pharmaceutical Online and Bioresearch Online
When discussing the challenges of manufacturing flu vaccines, the conversation often shifts toward how manufacturers can meet the global demand each year. Currently, there are some very innovative technologies aimed at addressing the challenge of manufacturing a larger supply of flu vaccines in a shorter amount of time, such as Novartis’ use of cell culture and Medicago and Fraunhofer’s use of tobacco plants. However, being able to deliver enough of a vaccine is only half the battle.
Featured Focus: Packaging
The Role Of Quality Packaging To Our Industry
By Chris Freeman and Dr. Claire Freeman, Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
Packaging is an emerging science that has become a great contributor to the success of the pharmaceutical industry. It has become the core sector for marketing and the means by which manufacturers can differentiate their products from those of their competitors.
WHITE PAPER: The Guide To Driving Quality Outcomes In Pharmaceutical Production Using Vision
SURVEY: Feedback On Blister And Bottle Packaging Trends
PRODUCT: X-Ray Inspection Of Jars, Cans, Bottles: Dyxim Series
PRODUCT: Formed Packaging Technology
» Manufacturing
WHITE PAPER: Achieving Temperature Requirements For Blister Packaging
By Dr. Egon Huefner, Bürkert Fluid Control Systems
When tablets are packaged in blisters, the plastic film must be the right temperature at the right moment: which is no easy task at an output of up to 1,300 blisters per minute. A customer-specific combination for proportional valve, temperature sensor, and controller master is using the regulation of cooling water flow. If needed, machine developers can implement 13 parallel-working temperature control circuits.
WHITE PAPER: Choosing The Right CMO For HPAPI Manufacturing
By Brian Haney, Ph.D., Director of Manufacturing, AMRI
Over the past few years a steady stream of contract manufacturing organizations (CMO) have added high-potency active pharmaceutical ingredient (HPAPI) production capacity. The expansions give biopharma executives charged with selecting HPAPI production partners an unprecedented number of options, but all this choice creates a problem.
WHITE PAPER: How Multilayer Tablets And Combination Products Are Reshaping Drug Development And Patient Care
By Brian McMillan, M.S.Pharm., VP Product Development
The tablet technology that brought Aspirin, Lipitor, and innumerable other drugs to billions of patients is evolving into multilayer and combination products.
BROCHURE/FLYER: Microvolume Protein Analysis And Characterization: Optim 2 System
BROCHURE/FLYER: SFE Filter Cartridges For Small Batch Processing
PRODUCT: Buffer/Media Filtration
SERVICE: Full-Service Contract Pharmaceutical Development And Manufacturing
» Supply Chain
GUEST COLUMN: Comparison Of Active And Passive Cold Chain Packaging Systems
By Dan Catizone, QuickSTAT
Much has been written about cold chain logistics, however, successful and efficient planning still presents many challenges. One of them is choosing an appropriate packaging system. (You can learn more about overcoming cold chain logistics challenges in our white paper, "Best Practices in Cold Chain Logistics Planning.")
DATASHEET: Certis Qualified Shipping Series
By ThermoSafe, Sonoco Protective Solutions
BROCHURE: Cold Chain Management Dialogue: Cold Chain Solution For Air Transportation
PRODUCT: AcuTemp Courier
» Inspection
WHITE PAPER: Increase Tablet Quality By Checking These 7 Inspection Points
BROCHURE: Lock INSIGHT PH Metal Detector
PRODUCT: Medical Device Leak And Flow Testing
PRODUCT: Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Desktop Analyzer
PRODUCT: Leak Testing Equipment For IV Bags
ARTICLE: What Is Multivariate Analysis?
WHITE PAPER: Key Criteria When Evaluating A High-Potency Manufacturing Outsourcing Partner
DATASHEET: Instantaneously Detect Microbes: Validation Testing Of IMD-A 300/350 Systems
By Azbil BioVigilant, Inc.
BROCHURE: Cell Counter For Cell Viability Analysis: Vi-CELL XR
PRODUCT: Particle Vapor Sorption Analyzers
» Critical Environments
DATASHEET: Completely Hood Industrial Vacuum
By Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums
DATASHEET: Miele Duo G: Compact Lab Glassware Washer
By Miele Professional
BROCHURE: Airegard: Portable Air Scrubber
PRODUCT: Glove Tester For Isolators
PRODUCT: Alcojet: Low-Foaming Powdered Detergent

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