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02.13.14 -- Where Do Ideas Come From?: Lose All Your Inhibitions

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Where Do Ideas Come From? First, Lose All Your Inhibitions
By Trisha Gladd, Editor, Pharmaceutical Online and Bioresearch Online
When Josh Layhue and John Klinge of Eriez Magnetics, a company specializing in technology for magnetic, vibratory, and inspection system applications, were tasked with designing a new metal detector for the Eriez product line, they knew that while customer feedback was important, it should not completely define the solution. The key to their success became not just customer feedback and strategic planning, but also the ability to keep an open mind and, if necessary, the willingness to take risks.
Featured Focus: Manufacturing
WHITE PAPER: Does Rheology Matter To Manufacturing?
By Robert McGregor, Global Marketing and High End Product Manager, Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
You bet it does, whether or not manufacturing realizes it. Rheology is the science that looks at how materials flow. Whether the product is a liquid, cream, paste, or solid, the manufacturing process must transfer raw ingredients through multiple stages to create the finished product.
WHITE PAPER: Challenges And Opportunities: Encapsulation Of Liquid And Semi-Solid Formulations Into Oral Capsules
WHITE PAPER: QbD's Role In Pharmaceutical Solid-Dose Dry Granulation
DATASHEET: Fully Automatic, Horizontal, High-Pressure Steam Sterilizer
By Fedegari Group
BROCHURE: Grater/Shredders For The Chemical And Pharmaceutical Industry
PRODUCT: Complete Pharmaceutical Automation Systems
PRODUCT: Used Tablet Press Equipment
» Packaging
CASE STUDY: Alternative Pharmaceutical Packaging With Higher Outputs Using Less Materials
By Dave Cousins, Bosch Packaging Technology
The handy stick packs become more and more popular, even in the pharmaceutical industry. Reasons for the rising popularity are obvious: Stick packs offer safe packaging that is produced achieving a high output level, but consuming less packaging material compared to alternative pack styles. These are some of the reasons pharmaceutical manufacturer Bright Future opted for this packaging solution from Bosch.
WHITE PAPER: A Step-By-Step Guide To Implementing An Effective Track-And-Trace Program
DATASHEET: Film/Foil Forming Packaging Machine
PRODUCT: End-Of-Line Solid-Dose Packaging Services (Cartoning, Inspection, Labeling)
PRODUCT: Blow/Fill/Seal For Parenterals
» Critical Environments
ARTICLE: How To Map Environmentally Controlled Chambers: An Eight-Step Guide
By Bruce McDuffee, Marketing Manager, Vaisala Life Science Division
DATASHEET: Modular PODs For Biopharmaceutical Production And Containment
BROCHURE: Finn-Aqua BPS Biopharmaceutical Steam Sterilizer (Autoclave)
BROCHURE: XPert Nano Balance Enclosure
PRODUCT: Radioactive Pharmaceutical Material Handling Glove Box
» Logistics
ARTICLE: Global Supply Chain Creates Increased Challenges For Life Sciences Companies
By  Ed Miseta, Chief Editor, Outsourced Pharma and Clinical Leader
There is no question the life sciences industry is global in nature. Numerous pharma companies have locations in multiple countries and across multiple continents. According to its website, Pfizer alone has offices in 45 different countries. Many of those firms now have suppliers, as well as CMO and CRO partners, that are also stretched across multiple continents. That extended global supply chain has made the job of the folks who handle the shipping of drugs and materials to those varied locations ever more complicated.
BROCHURE: Versa Cargo Tracking, Security, And Condition Monitoring Device
BROCHURE: Cold Chain Management Dialogue: Cold Chain Solution For Air Transportation
PRODUCT: Temperature Recorders
SERVICE: Therapeutic Supply Chain
APPLICATION NOTE: Multipoint Monitoring In Minienvironments
By Morgan Polen, VP of Application Technology, Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions
Minienvironments and isolation technology have become commonplace in semiconductor and other high-technology manufacturing industries.
APPLICATION NOTE: Reducing Manufacturing Risk During Cleanroom Maintenance And Downtime With Instantaneous Microbial Detection
DATASHEET: Water Activity Analyzer
By Lighthouse Instruments
PRODUCT: Vapor Hydrogen Peroxide Decontamination Chambers
» Inspection
WHITE PAPER: 10 Must-Ask Questions When Buying A Pharmaceutical Vision System
BROCHURE: Seal-Scan: Seal Integrity Testing
DATASHEET: LF-LASER Headspace Moisture And Vacuum Level Analysis
By TASI Group: Bonfiglioli Engineering and Sepha
PRODUCT: Medical Device Leak And Flow Testing
PRODUCT: X-Weigh: X-Ray Inspection And Checkweighing System
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