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Why Air Cargo Is A Viable Solution For Transporting Medical And Pharmaceutical Products

Source: Southwest Airlines Cargo

By Todd Keefe

The ecosystem tied to the movement of medical and pharmaceutical products is complex and highly distributed. Shippers and receivers for these life-saving products are spread out around the country, and there are no centralized routes between them.

One company in this ecosystem is the National Kidney Registry, who maintains a nationwide database of donors. Other parties include hospitals and operating rooms, Universities, pharmaceutical companies, and research labs in every city in the US. In short, the supply chain serving this industry must be able to reach anywhere and everywhere in the US, and all within a moment’s notice.

One specialty courier serving the National Kidney Registry is Quick International Courier, a full-service priority transportation and logistics provider specializing in the transportation of life saving organs, blood and bone marrow for transplant and research, investigational drugs, medical implant devices, and critical parts to repair diagnostic equipment for the medical industry. The value placed on Quick’s cargo is often immeasurable, so on-time delivery and temperature compliance are non-negotiable items during transit.

To meet the urgent logistical needs of its customers, Quick deploys every means available, from hand-carried courier services, to chartered flights, to commercial air cargo services. Quick follows an exclusive set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for every situation, providing unmatched cold chain logistics and strict protocols for maintaining the viability of each shipment.

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