X-Ray Inspection Of Jars, Cans, Bottles: Dyxim Series

Source: Sartorius Intec

The Dyxim S, as a compact system with one x-ray sensor, is able to inspect all kinds of packages with a very high probability of contaminant detection.

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The patented core of the Dyxim D-series consists of two x-ray sensors. Due to its double checking system, contaminants directly under the cap or close to the borders, will no longer be problematic to detect. The Dyxim D-series is especially adapted for glass in glass applications.

  • Detection of contaminants such as metal, glass, stones, bones and special plastics (PVC)
  • Verification of fill levels
  • Verification of the product weight and voids in product
  • Easy installation, intuitive and user friendly handling
  • Statistical registration of production data
  • High reliability, minimal maintenance
  • Verification of product count and missing components
  • Verification of product dimensions and volume
  • Low and High Power configuration
  • Optional remote control access
  • Integration in existing transport systems


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