Your Partner In Bioprocessing: Single-Use Automation And Control

Source: Parker domnick hunter Process Filtration

Parker’s acquisition of SciLog Inc. in August 2012 marked the birth of a new global supplier of bioprocessing solutions. SciLog’s innovative single-use automation and control technologies have since been combined with the filtration expertise of Parker domnick hunter, Parker’s lead division in the biopharmaceutical sector. The reborn Parker domnick hunter is now focused on integrating technologies into bioprocessing solutions combining filters, bags and tubing, and sensors into customized single-use systems that meet the specific needs of our customers’ applications.

At the centre of our system design philosophy is ‘Open Architecture’. Our customers are free to choose any supplier’s lenticular, virus reduction, tangential flow filtration or normal flow filtration components to integrate into their system, an approach which means our customers can enjoy all the benefits of automation without ever having to compromise on their process. We will fit our solution to our customer’s process; we do not expect our customers to fit their process to our equipment.

Another important aspect of our offering is expert local support. With multiple laboratory facilities around the world and customer support centres in 49 countries, we strive to deliver consistent and quality support wherever our customers choose to manufacture biopharmaceuticals.

To help demonstrate how we can create complete single-use solutions for our customers’ applications we decided to produce this magazine. We wanted to highlight how our innovations can help improve the productivity and simplicity of our customers’ processes as well as produce a resource to help our customers develop and optimize their processes. We hope you find it useful.

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