Improve food processing plant maintenance with high-quality Nilfisk CFM HEPA industrial vacuums

Food contaminants – like allergens, insects, rodents and harmful bacteria – will find their way you're your facility and into your products. It's inevitable. In fact, every year 76 million cases of foodborne illness occur in the U.S. alone and product recalls costs hundreds of millions of dollars and destroy company brands.

That's why we've dedicated more than 50 years innovating advanced cleaning solutions that meet your specific food safety and quality demands – limiting cross contamination in production lines; increasing compliance with the Food & Drug Administration's GMPs and the HACCPs, and preventing allergen-related product recalls.

Nilfisk CFM industrial vacuums stop the spread of dangerous pathogens otherwise spread by brooms, mops, rags, compressed air – even inadequately filtered vacuums. Our advanced filtering technology with HEPA filters guarantees the most thorough cleaning, capturing bacteria down to 0.3 microns in size. And our ULPA filters collect 99.999% of all ultra-fine particles – down to and including 0.12 microns. We've also engineered our industrial HEPA vacuums and ULPA vacuums for maximum efficiency, protecting filters from premature clogging.

Today, our industrial vacuums are integral to the production and packaging processes of major food-industry customers like Kraft, Hershey, and Nestle.

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Explosion-proof industrial vacuums designed for your safety

Seemingly harmless substances – like flour and sugar dust – can easily explode under the right conditions. So we take no chances when it comes to protecting your facility. Nilfisk CFM has built an entire line of certified explosion-proof vacuums engineered from the ground up to prevent explosions. Built-in safety measures such as explosion-proof motors, anti-static filters and non-sparking outer shells keep your people safe and your plant OSHA-compliant.

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Proven Performance Advantages

Rugged, heat-resistant accessories – high-temperature wands, nozzles, and Nomex" filters withstand extreme oven temperatures, allowing you to clean ovens without waiting for them to cool.

Contaminant-free exhaust – HEPA and ULPA filters ensure a decontaminated exhaust stream to prevent allergens/bacteria from re-circulating for increased employee and food safety.

Explosion/static protection – reduce risk when cleaning explosion-prone liquids or pulverized powders such as flour or grain dust with our non-sparking, stainless steel vacuums, available in both electric and pneumatic models. Our anti-static hoses also protect operators from sparks caused by static electricity.

Easy-to-clean design – constructed modularly, our vacuum components are easy to access for fast cleaning in meat, beverage, and dry-food processing plants.

Improved decontamination and sanitization – with corrosion-resistant, stainless-steel vacuums that can be quickly decontaminated with little-to-no trace of food residue.

Simple waste disposal – many of our vacuums feature dropout collection containers, externally cleaned filters, paper bags, ABS collection tank inserts, and polyliners to make waste disposal safer and faster.

User-friendly features – static control accessories, automated filter purging, remote starting, and many other features reduce maintenance steps and hassle for your team.


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