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07.30.20 -- 5 Operational Priorities For Pharma Companies In The Wake Of COVID-19

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Built To Fail: How Today’s Manufacturing Options Leave Pharma At Risk

Though pharma companies do their best to understand the environment, it can be very difficult to predict demand, and the consequences of incorrect forecasts can be very costly in a number of ways. 

Is Your Sterile Injectable Ready For Changes In Raw Materials?

Over the life of a drug, changes in raw materials are inevitable. But even a small modification can throw your drug out of compliance. Learn how to safeguard drug integrity when raw materials change.

4 Steps Toward End-To-End Connected Manufacturing

Breaking down the implementation of continuous manufacturing into the following four steps may provide some much-needed guidance as you prepare your network for the future of biomanufacturing.

Complex Molecule Development: Early Considerations To Avoid Failing Later

How to understand and prepare for challenges early in development to avoid bottlenecks that significantly slow production and delay a drug’s time-to-market.

A Bridge Over Troubled Water: The Journey To Serialization Compliance

This regulation from the FDA outlined serialization and traceability requirements spread over the course of 10 years, with preparation for each phase accumulating into a potentially high overall price tag.

Key Concepts Driving The Future Of Single-Use In Biopharma Production

This article discusses four topics related to single-use bioprocessing that are commonly cited by end users as amenable to future development. 

Container Closure Integrity Testing: Risks And Methods

An overview of integrity tests where a high sensitivity is required to prevent the risks of stability failure of highly moisture-sensitive drugs or the risk of biological ingress of sterile parenteral drugs.

Cultural Audits: What Are They And Why Are They Essential?

The medical device industry is familiar with quality audits but is less familiar with the benefits of having a cultural audit to assess the competence, dedication, and passion that each party brings to the table.

Direct Heat Versus Water Jacket CO2 Incubators

CO2 incubators enable the necessary environmental control and isolate cell cultures from external conditions and contamination. Which one is the best fit for your research?

Can You Afford Not To Outsource Buffer Preparation?

The decision whether or not to outsource buffer preparation is not clear-cut, but it provides an opportunity to balance risk with reward. This white paper examines the benefits of outsourcing.

Metered Dry Powder Addition For Continuous And Batch Coating Processes

Twin screw feeders can provide consistent and metered delivery of dry powders directly into coating equipment.

Sanitary Mixing In Multiagitator Systems

Multishaft mixers are versatile systems used in the production of food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and medical products. This bulletin discusses a few equipment features commonly supplied on multishaft mixers intended for sanitary applications.

Improved Bioavailability Of Trio Medicines In 12 Weeks

Learn how a structured three-step approach can help overcome the challenge of molecular characterization and a limited budget.

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