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09.29.22 -- 6 Best Practices For Biopharma Talent Management In 2023

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The Value Of Multivariate Analysis And Hybrid Modeling For Pharma

Multivariate analysis, which allows operators to model processes with several signals, can afford manufacturers a holistic, interconnected view of their operations in near real time.

Expanding The Boundaries Of Subcutaneous Injections

As the field of biologics increases its focus on identifying new diseases to target and novel constructs to treat them, innovative administration devices are once again in the spotlight.

Bridging The Skills Gap In Biopharma

Employees must have the skills to effectively execute on process development and manufacturing operations. How do you ensure they are updated on complex bioprocessing techniques and technologies?

Effective Digitization Strategies Preclinical Process Development

We provide an overview of the drug production life cycle, what happens at the preclinical stage, and review MES capabilities in the context of preclinical needs and priorities.

Managing Drug Manufacturing Inspections Without Stress

Discover how to simplify and manage the complexity of the inspection process easily, streamlining the inspection execution by making distressing inspection scenarios a thing of the past.

An Introduction To High Voltage Leak Detection (HVLD) Technology

There are a variety of methods widely used in the detection of pinholes, cracks, and defective seals in containers, but a majority are destructive, causing the loss of product and packaging components.

Aseptic Blow/Fill/Seal: A Sustainable Process For Packaging Pharma Liquids

Aseptic blow/fill/seal systems for packaging pharmaceutical liquids incorporate materials and processes that provide critical advantages for sustainable initiatives.

Effects Of The Ongoing Pandemic On Bupivacaine HCI Supply

Throughout the pandemic, painkiller and sedative demands have spiked. Drug manufacturers and CDMOs have become critical in efforts to stabilize the supply of bupivacaine HCl and other essential drugs.

How Collaboration Transformed A Generic Into A Best-In-Class New Drug

Learn how a drug developer collaborated to transform a generic solid active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) into a commercial, sterile injectable approved by regulators.

SOPHiA Genetics Makes A Bold Bet On In-Person Work

This tech company is expanding its current footprint in a bold bet on the enduring value of commercial real estate and the future of in-office work.

5 CDMO Attributes For Successful Late-Phase Tech Transfers

When vetting CDMOs for late-phase tech transfer, ensure success by partnering with a CMDO who has these five key attributes.

Overcome Complex Protein Challenges With Optimized Expression

Realizing the potential of next-generation molecules calls on appropriate expression technologies and development processes that can facilitate their path to market.

Identify The Right Level Of Clean For Your Process

This e-book offers an overview of clean containers and process requirements beyond sterility for professionals in quality departments, project managers, and procurement managers.

Standardizing Modular Cleanrooms For Faster-To-Market Drug Manufacturing

Faciliflex Express is designed for cell and gene therapy companies that need to rapidly bring their therapies to patients. The traditional process of specifying a cleanroom has thousands of decision points. Hear how Faciliflex Express eliminates the guesswork and provides a proven off-the-shelf solution.

Bombing: Leak Test Of Hermetically Sealed Objects

Learn more about the best practice of leak testing of hermetically sealed devices in microelectronics, sensor technology, and other industries.

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