Case Study

A Vial Powder Filling Line Triples Output

Source: Bosch Packaging Technology

The Saudi Arabian drug manufacturer Tabuk Pharmaceuticals produces antibiotic cephalosporins drug as powders filled in sterile vials, enabling high stability. Cephalosporin is used to prevent infections before, during and after a surgery, as well as for the treatment of the respiratory tract, skin or other kinds of bacterial infections. By receiving the drug as powder, physicians are able to store it conveniently, and only need to add suitable solvent or water for injection (WFI) to make it ready for usage. Tabuk Pharmaceuticals is one of the largest drug manufacturers in the Middle East and North Africa with subsidiaries in over 20 countries. The company develops, manufactures, markets and distributes branded generics and licensed pharmaceutical products globally. At its site in Tabuk, the manufacturer used to process and package its drugs on stand-alone machines for each process step. As a consequence, the existing powder filling equipment only achieved a maximum output of 60 000 vials per day. The rising market demand and an improvement of the process quality were the factors that triggered Tabuk’s decision to exchange the existing equipment.