Abbemat Heavy Duty Refractometers

Source: Anton Paar USA


Technology leader Anton Paar launches two new high-performance refractometers: Abbemat 450 and 650. The instruments combine extraordinary robustness with high precision up to ±0.00002 nD to measure the refractive index under harsh conditions.

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The two new Heavy Duty refractometers are the solution for customers who handle aggressive samples or do refractive index measurements in fume hoods or glove boxes. Designed for remote operation, they consist of a measuring unit and a separate control unit that can be put in a safer place. Operation of the instrument can be achieved from a distance of up to 5 meters.

To achieve the outstanding mechanical stability, Anton Paar machined the housing of the compact measuring unit from a solid block of aluminum, and then anodized its surface for durability. Instruments used close to the production line suffer their fair share of bumps and scrapes. The measuring unit can easily withstand these, as well as the splashes of water that are inevitable in this environment. The unit is fully waterproof to a depth of one meter for up to two hours (IP68).

The Abbemat Heavy Duty is available with two different accuracy levels, according to user needs: ±0.0001 nD (Abbemat 450) and ±0.00002 nD (Abbemat 650). The sapphire prism is scratchproof and provides a wide measurement range (1.26 nD to 1.72 nD). A built-in solid-state temperature control (Peltier) guarantees precise temperature adjustment between 10 °C and 85 °C.

All Abbemat Heavy Duty refractometers are fully compliant with 21 CFR Part 11, featuring user levels, an audit trail and forgery-proof data export. Anton Paar also provides a qualification documentation package (DQ/IQ/OQ/PQ).

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