Newsletter | September 16, 2021

09.16.21 -- Accelerating Biologics Development And Manufacturing

5,000L Single-Use Bioreactors: The Next Generation In Biologics Manufacturing

A new generation of single-use bioreactors, built to deliver high-volume performance, addresses many issues: a demand for therapeutics, expanding indications for biologics, and the growing portfolios of biosimilars.

Leveraging Infrastructure And Innovation To Accelerate Biologics Development

With a growing pipeline of traditional and regenerative biopharmaceutical drugs and increasing approvals for novel biologics and biosimilars, we need readily available solutions that will translate the promise of a remarkable discovery into a successful therapy.

Process Characterization And Validation For Biologic Processes

Using a risk-based approach to generate an appropriate control strategy will help assure your product meets characterization and validation requirements, enabling timely approval and launch to market.

Small Pharma, Big Opportunity: 8 Reasons To Look Beyond Size

Should CDMO partner size influence selection for your large molecule project? To choose the best CDMO for you, here are a few reminders to help you look beyond size.