Newsletter | April 6, 2021

04.06.21 -- Achieving Control Over Your Liquid Chromatography Process


Achieving Full Control Over A Binary Blend Feeding A Liquid Chromatography Process: Part 1

Liquid chromatography processes typically require dilution or blending of constituents to achieve necessary mobile phase solutions. These solutions can be preblended — but inline blending is a more efficient solution and can be accomplished by implementing a few clever control schemes in an automated system.

Solutions For Liquid Chromatography Processes
LC Systems And DAC LC Columns

Liquid chromatography (LC) remains an integral component of downstream processing and the most powerful means of purifying active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Let Asahi Kasei Bioprocess modernize your next recombinant protein or oligonucleotide manufacturing plant with the ergonomic dynamic axial compression (DAC) LC Columns and flexible LC Systems that are built for you.

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Ergo Solutions For Oligonucleotide Synthesis

Ensure seamless scale-up and consistent full-length purity of your oligonucleotide. With hundreds of chromatography columns and systems installed worldwide, Asahi Kasei Bioprocess America, Inc. is a trusted leader in small molecule purification.

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Slurry Prep Systems

Dynamic axial compression (DAC) is the most popular type of large-scale liquid chromatography (LC) column technology for packing 10 to 40 μm particle size chromatography media. With a lineup of 100 to 600 L Slurry Prep Systems (SPS), you can now slurry, de-fine and charge your chromatography media in a closed mixing unit that easily integrates with your large-diameter DAC LC Column.

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