Passive Mobile Transportation Couriers: AcuTemp PX1L

Source: CSafe Global

CSafe is synonymous with quality, temperature-sensitive transportation and is the largest global provider of a full-line of cold chain solutions designed to meet your temperature-sensitive transportation needs. The AcuTemp® brand includes a wide assortment of passive mobile transportation couriers including the PX1L, formerly VaxiPac, vaccine carrier.

Delivering life-saving supplies to the point of need is often a challenge especially when critical supplies are temperature-sensitive. The AcuTemp brand PX1L carrying case and PXC coolant packs offer a rugged and portable temperature management unit capable of extended hold times – up to 22 hours* – without the need for ice or active cooling (power supply).

Vaccines, drugs, specimens or other biomedical materials, are safely transported, protected by a hard covered case that is insulated with CSafe’s exclusive ThermoCor® technology. ThermoCor® is a highly-efficient, high-performance Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP) with up to eleven times greater thermal efficiency than an inch of standard foam insulation and is made exclusively by CSafe. As a result, the PX1L internal temperatures are efficiently maintained and valuable contents are delivered to the point of use at The Right Temperature®.