News | October 25, 2016

Alconox To Feature Critical Cleaning Products And Detergents For Biotech And Pharma Industries At Pharma Expo Conference 2016

Alconox, Inc. is dedicated to being the leader in critical cleaning detergents. We manufacture quality detergents made in the United States and provide outstanding technical service to the scientists and engineers with precision cleaning needs.

Service to the industry, precision formulation, quality control, and excellent technical services are the benchmarks of Alconox, Inc. Our customer support team can recommend solutions to specific precision cleaning problems.

Since 1946, we've been recommending the correct cleaner to use for critical cleaning applications. We stand for residue free cleaning with quality detergents backed by outstanding technical support and information.

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For all of your biotechnology cleaning needs!
From spinner flasks to production fermentation tanks, Alconox detergents can eliminate cross-contamination and assure reliably clean equipment for all of your biotechnology cleaning needs. Even difficult accumulated biomaterial residues on fermentation vessel agitation shafts, thermos wells, harvest tubes, sparger tubes and the bevel tips of addition ports easily come clean with Alconox detergents.

When you scale-up to production, Alconox, can provide cleaning validation support, quality control and regulatory compliance documentation for all of your biotechnology cleaning needs.

  • Citrajet: Non-foaming, acid cleaner used in amphoteric protein cleaning during bioreactor cleaning.
  • Liquinox: Manual and immersion cleaning of vessels and equipment for bioreactor cleaning.
  • Solujet: Non-foaming, active surfactant formulation in spray CIP cleaning for bioreactor cleaning.
  • Tergazyme: Circulation cleaning of filtration systems.

Please make sure visit us at the Pharma Expo Conference November 6-9 in Chicago.  Alconox will be at Booth W-1022 to answer all of your cleaning validation questions.

Source: Alconox, Inc.