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06.12.19 -- Answering Today's Pharma Dilemma Of Build Or Buy

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Answering Today's Pharma Dilemma Of
Build Or Buy

The need to increase speed and flexibility in drug development and manufacturing has led to new strategies to improve the development and clinical trial process. It has also led to technological innovations, such as those driving the implementation of continuous manufacturing and/or process intensification. Even the regulatory landscape of the pharmaceutical industry has changed, as alternative pathways for accelerated drug approval have paved the way for quicker access to promising novel medicines.

Nevertheless, as the industry identifies more efficient ways to deliver drugs to patients, these advancements also increase pressure to acquire significant capacity that can quickly deliver therapies to the patients who need them most, especially for diseases affecting large patient populations (e.g., vaccines, oncology, and central nervous system diseases).

Drug manufacturers are now facing shorter timelines for decision making due to accelerated regulatory pathways. Deciding on the size, number, and type of facilities to build without adequate data about demand creates substantial risks with costly consequences.

The uncertainty is further compounded by ...

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Because Scale Matters: A Flexible Approach To Demand Uncertainty

The pharmaceutical industry’s targeting of new therapies for niche markets has added another dimension to traditional business models. Biopharma companies contending in this market are now under pressure to find innovative ways to get ahead of their competition and reap the first-to-market benefits. 

Doing so, though, means making capacity decisions long before you know how your drug will perform on the market or if it will even be approved. Companies are left planning capacity in the face of ...

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Imagine A Solution That Spans The Complete Product Lifecycle of a Biopharmaceutical

Today’s world provides multiple opportunities for a biopharma company. Your approach to capitalizing on them makes all the difference.

With evolving regulations, requirements to decrease cost, and growing competition, the selection of the right outsourcing partner remains THE decision that can make the single biggest difference for your company's future.

How can you know what the best way forward is for your company?

Start here ... with Lonza Pharma & Biotech

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