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06.08.21 -- Artificial Intelligence's Impact On MS Diagnosis And Treatment

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Increasing Transparency And Confidence Through Real-Time Data Sharing

A digital transformation of biomanufacturing offers a new path for continuous monitoring and optimization of process performance, which would ultimately lead to greater efficiency in drug production.

Leveraging Integration At Each Phase Of A Drug Delivery System Project

Forging deeper partnerships with customers brings benefits at multiple levels, and this integrated offering helps at each phase of a drug delivery system project.

Patient-Centricity: A Drug Development Imperative

Success in biopharmaceutical development is ultimately about facilitating positive patient outcomes. How is patient-centricity influencing the development process today, and what role do CMOs play? 

Polymeric Implants And Formulations For Precise Intravitreal Administration

Polymeric formulations, such as intra-ocular implants designed for the precise intravitreal delivery of drug products, represent one of the most promising, yet challenging, areas of pharmaceutical focus.

The Economics Of Biologics Manufacturing With 5,000 L Single-Use Bioreactors

Single-use bioreactors of 5,000 L are a promising technology that provides volume efficiency, single-use flexibility, and cost-effectiveness across a broad range of production volumes and titers.

The Role Of A CFO In A Private-Equity Controlled Pharma Company

The role of chief financial officer for a small to midsize pharma company controlled by private equity is a challenging one. Learn how these CFOs can use their CDMOs to be more successful.

Nanoparticle Engineering: Revolutionizing Oral Drug Delivery

The increasing complexity of drug molecules has led to increased hydrophobicity and poorer water solubility. Nanoparticle engineering has emerged as a promising solution to these problems.

5 Common Clinical Supply Chain Speedbumps

Clinical trials are so complex, you need to connect planning and oversight from sourcing to shipping and master such requirements as cold chain, border slowdowns, and data privacy.

Technical Considerations For Developing Oral Solids (Part 1)

Navigating oral solids projects can be a challenging path. This article looks at the importance of technical groundwork and understanding excipients in the early stages of your project.

Growing Your Biopharma: 10 Investor Questions You’re Likely To Face

In this guide, investment veterans and biopharma executives discuss which questions they often ask —and have been asked. Learn how to answer these investor questions well.

Developing A Closed, Connected Single-Use Monoclonal Antibody (mAb) Purification Process

This article provides an overview of a successfully designed closed and physically connected monoclonal antibody (mAb) process at the pilot scale with single-use components.

Better Therapeutic Outcomes From Better Drug Delivery

Innovative drug-eluting implants, inserts, and transdermal films delivering biologics and small molecules can meet the goals of patient-centric therapies, improve medicine, and better healthcare economics.

Vaccine Development: Strategic Approach And Response During Pandemics

Over the past decade, outbreaks of H1N1 influenza, Sars-Cov, Ebola, and MERS have sparked ongoing conversations about strategic approaches and responses to pandemics and epidemics. Now, with the spread of COVID-19, scientists, together with pharmaceutical companies, are reinventing the approach of how to bring lifesaving drugs to market faster without impacting product quality, safety, or efficacy.

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