Newsletter | October 17, 2020

10.17.20 -- Aseptic Manufacturing Product Showcase


Pharmaceutical Online’s Product Showcase — your trusted resource for featured equipment and services specific to the aseptic manufacturing space.

Robotic Filling And Capping Systems: Syringes, Vials, And Cartridges

Filling and closing machine, specially designed for vials and syringes and cartridges in nest.

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SP Scientific Products
Container Closure Integrity Testing Systems For Vaccines

The pharmaceutical industry continues to bring breakthroughs in the field of new vaccines and drug delivery systems amidst the increased scrutiny of the regulators. The packaging acts as the primary sterile barrier in drug delivery systems that safeguard the drug product through its life cycle. 

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PTI Packaging and Inspection Systems
Aseptic Small-Scale Batch Filling And Closing Machines: ASEPTiCell

Today’s injectable drug products require flexible fill/finish systems that can efficiently process midsize clinical and commercial batches while meeting all cGMP requirements for cleanliness and sterility.

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Automated Systems of Tacoma, Inc.
Aseptic Isolators For Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The production and handling of highly potent sterile APIs within a multipurpose-designed plant is becoming more and more prevalent within the pharmaceutical industry.

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Dec Group
ASEP-TECH Blow-Fill-Seal Packaging Systems For Biological Drug Products

Weiler Engineering’s ASEP-TECH blow/fill/seal machines are ideal for processing temperature-sensitive products, such as biological and protein-based materials, providing a level of enhanced sterility assurance.

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Weiler Engineering, Inc.
Predesigned Cleanrooms For Aseptic Manufacturing

Faciliflex Express is a predesigned cleanroom solution that delivers a commissioned cleanroom in as little as six months. Predesigned standard cleanroom layouts are the next generation for snap-together installation of modular panel systems. Faciliflex Express has three models, 5k, 15k, and 30k, representing cleanrooms of approximately 5,000, 15,000, and 30,000 square feet.

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AES Clean Technology, Inc.
Liquinox: Critical Cleaning Liquid Detergent

Concentrated to save money, this detergent replaces corrosive acids and hazardous solvents. It’s phosphate free, biodegradable, readily disposable, and is free rinsing to give reliable results and no interfering residues.

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Alconox, Inc.
Pharmaceutical Aseptic Filling Isolator: IsoSphere
The IsoSphere-AF is a positive-pressure unidirectional airflow isolator, or reduced access barrier system (RABS), for small, midsize, and large-volume aseptic filling.
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Flow Sciences Inc.
AMI Seal Integrity Test System: Aseptic Products

Optical emission spectroscopy, an innovative container closure integrity system (CCIT) solution for the pharmaceutical industry.

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Pfeiffer Vacuum Inc.
AeroTrak 9500 Particle Counter For Aseptic Environments

The TSI AeroTrak 9500 Portable Particle Counter offers best-in-class features and versatility. Perform ISO 14644-1 classifications and complete certifications of EU GMP facilities by sampling 1 m3 of air in just 10 minutes. It is compatible with TSI accurate ventilation probes that measure air velocity, temperature, and RH.

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TSI Incorporated
TAKEONE Aseptic Sampling System
Samples collected with TAKEONE are used to measure critical purity attributes such as bioburden, sterility, and endotoxin levels and important process parameters such as metabolites, nutrients, osmolality, pH, and more. The TAKEONE aseptic sampling device is a preassembled and single-use sampling solution.
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Sartorius Stedim Biotech
Pharmaceutical Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolator

The PharmaGard ES NR797 Compounding Containment Pharmacy Isolator creates negative pressure recirculating ISO Class 5 clean air in the environment for aseptic compounding of hazardous drugs and minute quantities of chemotherapy drugs to meet USP 797 requirements.

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NuAire, Inc.
Oxygen Monitoring, Headspace Analyzers: Aseptic Products
The need to monitor headspace oxygen levels in parenteral containers arises from the requirement to ensure the stability and potency of oxygen-sensitive product. LIGHTHOUSE offers complete solutions for (in-process control) oxygen monitoring of oxygen-sensitive formulations, from development to manufacturing and quality control.
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LIGHTHOUSE Instruments
Saltus Single-Use Mixing System

Next-generation single-use mixing for liquid-liquid and powder-liquid applications.

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Meissner Filtration Products
Pharmaceutical Aseptic Mixing Storage Tanks

Ross builds polished pharmaceutical storage tanks, pharmaceutical mixing vessels, reactors, pressure vessels, atmospheric tanks, columns, and custom transfer tanks to meet the special needs of the pharmaceutical and medical process industries.

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Charles Ross and Son Company
Used Filamatic Pharmaceutical Liquid Filling System

Used Filamatic Cubitainer bag in a box liquid filling system, rated up to 10 containers/minute, stainless-steel product contact surfaces, with twin head filler with MicroMotion flow meters, neck positioning clamps, chain conveyor, twin head single chuck capper station with bowl cap feeder, Farason Cubitainer handling feed system, with Hytrol feed and discharge conveyors, previously filling 20-liter cubitainers, Filamatic serial# 021707, built 2007.

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Federal Equipment Company