Application Note

Be In The Clear: Turbidity Measurement Of Infusion Solutions

Source: Anton Paar USA

Turbidity measurement is an essential quality control procedure when it comes to the clinical use of infusion solutions. Prior to their use, infusion solutions are regularly checked. These products must not be used in case of haze or particles as they may initiate life threatening complications with patients.

The measurement of turbidity is described in the European Pharmacopoeia, chapter "Clarity and Degree of Opalescence of Liquids". Strict requirements are imposed upon turbidity measuring instrumentation and HazeQC ME fulfills these strict requirements. As an add-on to a Generation M master instrument such as a DMA M density meter, HazeQC ME is an asset to the pharmaceutical industry for

  • intermediate checks as well as final product quality control.
  • surveying stability after storage at different temperatures.
  • fast checks of pharmaceutical solutions such as infusions.
  • highly repeatable results due to its temperature-controlled measuring cell.