Newsletter | October 26, 2020

10.26.20 -- Best Practices To Ensure A Successful Clinical Trial

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Managing Temperature Excursions: Key Pointers That Must Be Addressed
A temperature excursion occurs when clinical trial material is stored at a temperature outside of the specified temperature range as defined on the label. This can have a substantial impact on a clinical trial study; it can impact the quality, efficacy, and safety of products. More importantly, an excursion can significantly impact patient safety if not detected and communicated effectively.
Innovative, Flexible, And Time-Sensitive Packaging Solutions

Given the rapidly changing landscape of today's trials, if sponsors wish to succeed, they must remain vigilant — attending to every detail of the process. Learn how several sponsors achieved success through these case study examples.

Considerations For Your First Clinical Trial

For a small and emerging biopharma, moving into the clinical trial phase of development can be overwhelming. It is important to understand that CROs do not typically manage the comprehensive clinical trial supply chain. This article reviews seven clinical trial supply best practices to help ensure a successful trial.