Realtime Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide Measurements: BioPAT® Xgas

Source: Sartorius Stedim Biotech


With the BioPAT® Xgas, you can monitor and control bioprocesses in real time. The BioPAT® Xgas is a combined oxygen-carbon dioxide sensor featuring automatic compensation of humidity and pressure. The oxygen concentration can be measured in a range of 1 – 50% and the carbon dioxide concentration in a range of 0 – 10%.

The online exhaust gas analysis provides realtime insights into the metabolic processes involved in fermentation. The measurement of oxygen and carbon dioxide provides data on biomass production, substrate consumption and product formation rates.

• Parallel determination of O2 and CO2 in one sensor
• Easy integration into automation systems
• Control of O2 | CO2 concentrations
• Monitoring of metabolic processes
• Process and yield optimization
• Measurement of standard parameters for scale-up
• Compact design for flexible use
• Automatic moisture compensation for the highest measurement accuracy
• Easy operation