Carbon Dioxide Headspace Analyzer for Pharmaceutical Parenteral Manufacturing

Source: Lighthouse Instruments

Carbon Dioxide Headspace Analyzer for Pharmaceutical Parenteral Manufacturing

LIGHTHOUSE is proud to announce a new addition to the FMS family product line, the FMS-Carbon Dioxide Headspace Analyzer. This new analyzer expands a family of instruments that enables rapid non-destructive analysis of the headspace conditions of a sealed parenteral container. Current LIGHTHOUSE headspace platforms enable the measurement of headspace oxygen, moisture, and vacuum levels.

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“The FMS-Carbon Dioxide Headspace Analyzer expands the capability of our FMS family of instruments”, according to Dr. Derek Duncan, VP of Marketing at LIGHTHOUSE. “Customers are currently using the FMS-Carbon Dioxide analyzer for container closure integrity measurements of injectable product stored on dry ice for transport. Customers have also demonstrated that contaminated media vials can be detected by measuring carbon dioxide levels in the vial, opening up a new application area for headspace analysis.”

Since being introduced into the pharmaceutical industry in 2000 by LIGHTHOUSE, laser-based headspace analysis has enabled the measurement of critical headspace conditions in sterile injectable product. LIGHTHOUSE headspace platforms have been implemented and validated in analytical and QC labs as well as in parenteral production for a variety of applications including container closure integrity testing, headspace oxygen analysis for stability and shelf life studies, headspace oxygen monitoring for process development and IPC monitoring, and water activity determination.

There is a great opportunity to become familiar with these new headspace platforms and the corresponding applications in development, QC, and production. LIGHTHOUSE can come to your facility for a technical presentation and demonstration.

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