News | July 13, 2010

CE Compliant Laser Punch Inspection System Announced By Natoli

Natoli LVS 500

Utilizing dual laser technology, the new, state-of-the-art LVS 500 system provides non-contact inspection of punches, providing simultaneous measurements that enable the system to calculate cup depth immediately. Unlike the sharp point on a gauge, a laser beam poses no risk of scratching the surface of the punch tip when trying to locate the deepest point of the cup. Also, with no moving parts, the LVS is virtually maintenance-free.

The LVS 500 allows users to focus on the critical dimensions of the punch rather than attempting to measure tool wear that cannot be accurately detected with most measuring equipment. The LVS 500 is also equipped with a zoom-lens camera that provides a magnified view for convenient visual inspection during the measuring process, from which photos can be captured and stored along with inspection data.

The LVS 500 interfaces with the powerful Tool Management II (TM-II) database application for automatic inspection data storage and analysis. Measurements are transferred directly into the database with the click of a button, increasing efficiency and eliminating data entry errors. Proper analysis of the punch working length dimension is a critical function of the TM-II application. As such, the working length measurement of each punch is compared with the working lengths of the other punches rather than to preset tolerance values. A free webinar and software demo are available upon request.

SOURCE: Natoli Engineering Company, Inc.

Natoli Engineering Company, Inc.