Newsletter | September 28, 2022

09.28.22 -- Cleanroom Project Design, Delivery, And Construction Best Practices

Building Modular Cleanrooms For Pharma At Warp Speed

As the life sciences industry responds to the COVID-19 pandemic in record fashion, cleanroom technologies have proven vital to efforts to combat the pandemic. A new streamlined process delivers complete custom cleanrooms from scratch in as little as four months from concept initiation.

Establishing Flexibility For Parenteral Cleanroom Manufacturing

Many of today’s most advanced therapeutic molecules are parenteral, administered via injection or infusion and dispensed by healthcare providers around the world. Developed with standard factory fabricated modular components, cleanroom systems are purposely designed to simplify implementation of the aseptic manufacturing space that the industry needs to meet future sterile injectable capacity demand.

Efficient Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Commissioning Methodologies

Commissioning is the systemic and documented approach to verify that your cleanroom performs as designed and in accordance with your manufacturing needs. Read how a proven modular design plus an experienced installation team plus GDP equals a risk-free commissioning process.

Utilize Modular Cleanrooms To Reduce Your Risk Of An FDA Form 483 Violation

Maintaining FDA compliance is essential to your business operations, and downtime of any sort could derail your business and potentially harm patients. A cleanroom facility that remains safe for your workers — and where the therapeutics they produce remain safe for patients — can ease your compliance concerns.

Advanced Therapy Manufacturers' Checklist For Cleanroom Project Success

Current advances in cell, gene, and tissue therapies require a rethinking of how — and where — cleanroom manufacturing facilities could be built to enable more options for sponsor process control. We share what factors are central to successful entry into commercialization of new therapeutic production capital projects.

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Key Factors When Selecting A Modular Cleanroom For Drug Manufacturing

Review the modular aseptic cleanroom basics and what building blocks are needed to get the result you are looking for. See how choosing a system that is engineered as a complete installed solution removes risk from the construction process.

Modular Cleanroom Design And Construction For Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations

Your future cleanroom is a crucial asset within your manufacturing environment. It surrounds critical manufacturing processes where your company makes its life-changing products. The investment you make in the cleanroom facility should reduce your manufacturing risk and guarantee your performance. We are the cleanroom experts because our singular focus has been on providing the most flexible cleanroom technology solutions for over 35 years.

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Faciliflex Cleanroom Module For Drug Manufacturing

Faciliflex Module reinvents cleanroom design by offering pre-configured, modular “base blocks” that allow you to mix and match all the components you need for your next cleanroom facility. This modular design concept reduces risk to timetables and is guaranteed compliant upon installation.

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