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09.22.22 -- Collaborate With Academia For Drug Discovery On Immune-Mediated Diseases

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Minimizing Changeover Time On Pharmaceutical Isolator Lines

Following are examples showing different steps and required times for a standard filling line and elements that can reduce the changeover time to a minimum.

Fermentation Optimization: Using Comparative Statistics

Using a case study, the author demonstrates how comparative statistical analysis enabled his team to improve the yield of a component used in API synthesis by more than 2.5 x 108 U/batch.

De-Risking Biosimilar Development With A Clinically Validated And Commercially Proven Disposable Autoinjector

Discover how a biopharmaceutical company can de-risk the launch process by choosing a suitable autoinjector technology and partner.

How To Achieve Materials Inventory Safety, Efficiency, And Compliance For Life Sciences

Learn how different organizations have solved the challenge of mitigating compliance and safety risks while improving lab productivity.

Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Containment

We review a full life cycle safety structure that ensures the highest standards of operator protection from single-use flexible film containment systems.

Recommended Mixing Equipment For Pharmaceutical Gels

A majority of pharmaceutical gels are shear-thinning semi-solids prepared by dispersing hydrophilic polymers into an aqueous vehicle. Proper mixing requires a good balance between agitation and shear.

Engineering Approaches To Respiratory Drug Delivery: Mannitol Case Study

This article presents a case study that explores the material and performance properties of spray-dried and jet-milled mannitol for respiratory delivery of crystalline mannitol.

Qualified Reference Standards: Setting The Standard For Product Quality

Qualified reference standards play a critical role in providing validated benchmarks to satisfy regulatory requirements pertaining to purity.

Overcome Vaccine Development Complexities With Right Supply Chain Partner

Explore the challenges impacting clinical supply chains, the solutions to overcome these complexities, and understand why it is crucial to pick the right supply chain provider for vaccine storage and distribution.

Scalable AAV Purification Process For Gene Therapy

Processes to produce AAV's for gene therapies are in place, but there’s room to optimize purification to achieve high overall yields and efficiently remove empty capsids and other impurities.

Enabling Long-Lasting Clinical Outcomes In Coronary Stenting
Polyester amides (PEAs) bring several desired and differentiating properties to drug eluting stent (DES) applications for treating coronary heart disease (CAD).
Softgel Technologies Overview

Innovative softgel technologies that maximize your market potential: Where ideation and expertise come together.

A Collaborative Effort: How Parallel Approaches And Diverse Partnerships Could Help Combat COVID-19

Executives share behind-the-scenes updates on their efforts to develop a COVID-19 vaccine, where the companies have all adopted a collaborative mindset to arrive at a vaccine as quickly and safely as possible.

Drug Innovators’ Outlook On Innovative Treatments
One hundred thirty-four outsourcers of biologic drug substance provided insight into how their pipelines are impacting outsourcing practices. Two-thirds (63%) said a focus on new, innovative treatments will impact outsourcing decisions.
Develop A Cost-Effective cGMP Chemical Sourcing Strategy

Get to market faster with the right sourcing and supply chain strategies for your cGMP chemicals.

The Right Toxicology Strategy: Learn From The Past To Shape The Future

The industry is now considering non-animal methods for toxicology studies. The move is toward more predictive models such as machine learning and organ-on-a-chip to drive safer and more efficient science.

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