Newsletter | July 30, 2021

07.30.21 -- Committing To Combination Product Success: De-Risking Development And Delivery

Addressing The Evolving Needs Of Variable Drug Delivery Regimens

Pharmaceutical companies now have a wearable solution designed to enable new delivery formats in alternate settings and for customization to support adjustments to existing formulations and variations in treatment regimens.

Identifying New, Enhanced Device Delivery Solutions For Chronic Diseases

Needle innovations, including the usage of shorter needles with ultrathin wall technology for prefilled syringes, support the delivery of drugs with greater volumes and viscosities, which greatly enhances end-user experience.

Innovating In The Viscosity Design Space For Handheld Combination Products: A New 2.25 mL Autoinjector Platform

Discover an autoinjector platform that reconciles the demands of biologics with safety, reliability, and ease of use during self-injection.

Enabling Biologic Drug Delivery Of Volumes Beyond 1 mL

Delivery system manufacturers need to manage conflicting requirements and offer delivery solutions that balance performance, robustness, and usability while delivering higher volume or viscosity biologics.

8 mm Needle: Improving Subcutaneous Chronic Drug Delivery

Reducing needle length can improve the risk profile of subcutaneous injections and can make injecting viscous formulations easier and quicker.