Newsletter | February 22, 2021

02.22.21 -- Considerations For Clinical Trial Optimization

Clinical Trial Packaging: Smart Choices Can Trim Timelines
Establishing an efficient drug packaging strategy for a clinical trial is not often recognized as a potential timesaver, but it should be. A well thought out packaging strategy can significantly cut your clinical trial timelines and increase the likelihood of a successful trial.
Building An Approved Phrase Library
The challenge of creating labels for investigational drugs is mounting as more countries sign on to participate in clinical trials. Delays in translating and approving clinical labels can prevent clinical trials from starting on time and threaten to derail development timelines. This e-book discusses the challenges of translating and approving label text and how an approved phrase library can reduce label timelines, improve quality, and ensure regulatory compliance.
Total Transportation Management Saves Company $10.2 Million

A leading multinational pharmaceutical company with an extensive clinical trial pipeline needed a comprehensive, fully managed transportation strategy. Learn more about an outsourced transportation option that delivered tangible results.

No Place Like Home: How To Make Decentralized Clinical Trials A Win For Patients, Sponsors, And Investigators

Nearly three out of four biopharmaceutical firms modified traditional protocols to adopt a form of decentralized studies — also known as virtual or site-less trials — in an effort to keep drug development programs on course during COVID-19. This e-book focuses on the integral role direct-to-patient services play in the execution of decentralized trials and how sponsors can maximize these benefits to improve drug development.