Newsletter | November 4, 2020

11.04.20 -- Considerations For Optimizing Clinical Logistics

Virtual Summit

Delivering Clinical Trial Medications Direct To Patient

In a perfect world, patients enrolled in clinical trials would live a short distance from the investigator site where they receive their treatment. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. In recent years the direct-to-patient model, which brings medical procedures to a patient’s home, has emerged as a solution for sponsors to increase patient recruitment and retention in clinical trials.

Building An Approved Phrase Library

The challenge of creating labels for investigational drugs is mounting as more countries sign on to participate in clinical trials. Delays in translating and approving clinical labels can prevent clinical trials from starting on time and threaten to derail development timelines. This e-book discusses the challenges of translating and approving label text and how an approved phrase library can reduce label timelines, improve quality, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Cold Chain Industry Trends: Planning Tips To Create A Robust Supply Chain

"Cold chain management" is undoubtedly a hot topic in the clinical research industry because a rising percentage of the drugs in clinical testing today are biologics. Maintaining a cold supply chain demands planning, partnering, and attention to detail — a single broken link can result in loss of scarce resources and time, the twin currencies of the biopharmaceutical industry.

Bridging The Gap From Clinical To Commercial Packaging

As a steady stream of specialty drugs enters the marketplace, pharmaceutical companies are seeking new supply chain solutions to ensure that an uninterrupted supply of these breakthrough treatments reaches patients. One solution for the challenges of packaging specialty products is low- or small-volume commercial packaging. This e-book examines the impact of specialty products and the packaging challenges associated with them.