Newsletter | March 2, 2020

03.02.20 -- Considerations For Tablet Tooling

Increase Productivity, Decrease Waste: How To Choose The Right Tablet Tooling

Every formulation is different. There are no two products that are exactly alike. They don’t run the same. They don’t perform the same under compression and decompression forces. Choosing the right tooling can increase tablet output, decrease waste, and ultimately determine the success of a product launch.

How Tablet Shape Can Impact Patient Acceptance

First impressions are everything. This is especially true for pharmaceutical, nutritional, and confectionery tablets. Discriminating consumers may decide if they will be repeat customers based on a tablet’s appearance and their experience with it. This article discusses the limitations of the flat-faced bevel edge and the benefits of a flat-faced radius edge tablet design.

Considerations When Cleaning Your Tablet Presses And Tablet Tooling

Implementing a cleaning procedure is essential to maintaining your tablet tooling and presses. Dirty tools cause tableting and product quality-related problems, such as sticking and picking. Keeping tools clean also decreases premature tool, turret, and cam wear, and reduces the risk of product cross-contamination. 

Overcoming Encapsulation Issues Caused By Sticky Formulations

A sticky formulation is one of the most common causes of issues during capsule filling. This guide provides a best practices approach to troubleshooting capsule filling problems when handling a sticky product formulation.

Identifying Abrasive Wear Risks In Tableting Tooling For Nutraceutical Products

The most common challenge with nutraceutical products is abrasive wear on the tooling, due to the nature of many ingredients in nutraceutical tablets, such as calcium, magnesium, and zinc. This abrasion leads to degradation of the cup finish, which may result in potential sticking and poor tablet quality.

Why You Should Be Using Ultrasonic Cleaning For Tablet Tooling

Clean punches and dies are essential to maintaining the integrity and efficiency of your tooling investment, as well as the quality of your product. Ultrasonic cleaning has long been considered the most effective, nondestructive way to clean tools. Find out how to use this high-tech process to save time, reduce costs, and improve tablet quality.

Tablet Compression Tooling

For over 40 years, Natoli has manufactured punches and dies of unparalleled quality. Our company's advanced system of microprecision engineering is designed to maximize the life of your tablet compression tooling. Every punch and die is produced from quarantined steel and tested for hardness and exact chemical composition by our stringent quality specifications.